By: Madeline Tavernier

What A Wonderful Place to Be!

  • The currency in Mexico is the peso.
  • The language in Mexico is Spanish.
  • The religion in Mexico is Roman Catholicism.

Mexico, The Best Place on Earth!

  • Mexican families are typically large.
  • Parties hosted at home are very important to the Mexicans.
  • Their parents are extremely respected.


  • Mexicans eat different types of tortillas/wraps.
  • These wraps are made up of many different ingredients.
  • Soda is also very popular in Mexico.

Geography of Mexico!

  • Mexico is one fifth the size of the U.S.
  • Mexico has high mountains and deep canyons.
  • The Sierra Negra is a mountain in Mexico.
  • Mexico has 31 states.
  • The Rio Grande river is in Mexico.

Some of the Best Places in Mexico!

Some interesting places in Mexico are:

  • Xcaret
  • Zocalo
  • National Palace

Mexico's Climate!

  • Mexico's climate varies from tropical to desert.
  • There's a lot of desert in Mexico.