Best Companies Of 2015

My Top Three


Nike has kept their fame and popularity by using well known sponsors to promote their products. They have used Micheal Jordon, Drake, Tiger Woods, etc... They also keep up with trends to prevent them from producing "out of trend" merchandise. Because of these methods, Nike, has kept its title as "cool" to its buyers.


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Amazon made it easy for consumers to get products delivered to their doorsteps. To make the company more efficient, Amazon introduced a program called Amazon Prime, which makes deliveries come faster just for a small amount of money each month. Amazon offers a vast variety of products to satisfy each target market.



Costco is a company that is a retail store that sells large quantities of a certain products. Becoming a member of the store requires a payment every month but consumers seem to still love the store! Costco provides great deals and fills the store every hour of the day.


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Best and Worst Products of 2015


1. Apple Iphone 6

2. Wireless earphones

3. Bose Bluetooth speakers


1. Gun-shaped Iphone caes

2. Urban Outfitters Holocaust Tapestry

3. Hoverboard


Best movies of 2015:

1. The Assassin

2.Luminous Intimacy


Best Musicians

Justin Bieber: He released new albums targeting almost every market

Adele: Released an album after a two year break


Top Ten Makeup Brands

1. Olay

2. Avon

3. L`Oreal

4. Neutrogena

5. Nivea

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New Years Resolutions

Personal Improvements: Have no tonic clonic seizures

Family and friends: To always be the person to cheer someone up

School and outside world: No procrastination!

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