2013-2014 Library News

Important Information from the Elliott Library

Checking Out Library Books

Staff members may check out as many books as needed. When requesting books, you have two choices. First, you may email your list to Mrs. Tumulty and copy Mrs. Piechocki. Second, you may create a list using the online catalog and have it emailed to Mrs. Tumulty (be sure to include your name in the subject and the date you need the books). Please give Mrs. Tumulty at least five days notice when requesting books. I may not be able to get you the books you need if they are requested at the last minute.
Please be considerate when borrowing library books. When you or your grade level are finished with a book, please return it. Thanks!

Interlibrary Loans (ILL's)

If we do not have a book at Elliott, Mrs. Tumulty may request a book from another campus. However, it is up to the other campus to decide whether or not they would like to loan the book. FISD libraries are not required to loan books.
Mrs. Tumulty will always try her best to get you the books you need, but please keep in mind that holiday books, books written in the FISD curriculum, books used for grade level research, and books that are reviewed for middle or high school students cannot be requested from another campus. If the book can't be obtained from another campus, Mrs. Tumulty will try to find an alternative book that teaches the same concept.

Video Requests

If you would like to check out a video, please complete the Video Request Form. Videos cannot be shown unless the Video Request Form is on file in the library.


There are a number of curriculum books that are available as e-books through Follett Shelf. Some of these books are only available as e-books because they are out of print. These e-books may be shown to the entire class using the projector. To access Follett Shelf, visit the following link.
Username: Elliott
Password: Elliott

Book Fair Dates

The following are the 2013-2014 book fair dates. If possible, please don't send out book orders these months. Thanks!

Fall Book Fair September 19-27, 2013
Spring Book Fair April 4-11, 2014

Elliott Elementary Library

We are here to help you! Please let us know if you have any questions.
Megan Tumulty, Librarian
Evelyn Piechocki, Library Aide