Snow Leopards

Snow Leopards Endangered: By Noah Carney

Cool Facts About These Interesting Animals

The Snow Leopards length is 2-5 feet and get up to be 150 pounds. Snow Leopards have a white fur coat, or a yellow and grey fur coat with black or brown spots. Their spots help the camouflage while hunting their prey. Their habitats are cold mountains in Central Asia. Their diet is hares, sheep, goats, horses, ibex, yak calves, marmots, and pikas. A Snow Leopard can leap 20-50 feet the length of it's body. Their long tail helps balance and agility. It also give protection from the cold while resting. These animals are very interesting.
Everest Snow Leopard Cub Playing in the Snow

Snow Leopards are Being Harmed

When hunters kill the wild sheep there isn't enough food for the Snow Leopards. So they are forced to eat animals in the local farms to survive. The farmers get mad and kill the Snow Leopards for eating their animals. WWF is working with the local farmers to get them to spread awareness that if you kill the Snow Leopards prey they will eat animals from local farms. That is bad because if they kill goats the farmers can't get milk. Hopefully hunters follow these orders and let the Snow Leopards live.