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Nestled high in the Andes at 2,620 meters above the sea level, Santafé de Bogotá or simply Bogota is the capital of Colombia. It is not only the country’s biggest city but also the largest in Latin America. With the population of 8 million, Bogota is the city of contrasts and great cultural diversity. It is a city where a high rise building stands shoulder to shoulder with colonial churches. The city represents a great mixture of influences which include Spanish, English and Indian and its historical landmarks can help visitors get their bearings in this sprawling city. The best way to experience this vast variety of architectures is by visiting Bogota’s distinct districts which still retains their rich individual character. Book flights ticket reservations for Bogota and immerse yourself in city’s great culture, entertainment and varied cuisines.

Among various historical landmarks of city, The Cathedral of Salt is quite popular. It is an important tourist venue for locals as well as for tourists. This building was carved into the Zipaquirá Mountains, which is an area where salt was mined. These salt mines have historical as well as educational value. The Cathedral is a religious place which was originally built between 1807 and 1823. The building seen today was rebuilt in 1995 and is considered the architectural gem of modernity.

The Old Town of Bogota is situated in the historic central neighborhood of La Candelaria where visitors can visit number of tourist sites. At the heart of Old Town is the Plaza Bolivar, which has a statue of liberator. The Biblioteca Luis Angel Arango is one of the best library complexes in the town. The area of Old Town has number of private and public universities which have a vast student population.

Catedral Primade de Colombia is among the many historical landmarks of city. Built on the same property as the first church of Bogota, the church has opened its doors to worshippers in 1823. The Cathedral is the seat of Roman Catholic Church in Colombia and stores various historic treasures along with priceless collection of 17th and 18th century paintings and carvings and a tomb of Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada, the founder of Bogota city. To enjoy the mesmerizing views of these historic landmarks and to acquaint with their rich historical background book tickets on fly for Colombia travel and enjoy a fabulous journey of past.


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