McKenna,s totally awesome chickens



We borrowed an incubator from a friend the incubator had to be 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit, until the eggs have been in the incubator for ten days. At ten days the chicks start making their own heat, so you can turn down the heat BUT the incubator hast to stay at 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Every day you turn the eggs three time a day so the yoke dose not stick to the side of the shell. Hay did you know that the yoke is the chicks food! I stopped turning the eggs at 18 days in the incubator so the chicks have a piping position. this is a pitcher of the chicks eggs after they hatched.

leaveing the incubator

The chicks stayed in the incubator for a couple hours to dry. Then I moved them into a cage that I borrowed from my neighbor. They played floppy chicken, because they were exhausted form piping , (piping is when the chicks are hatching). They eat chick stared, it has medication in it that will keep them alive, they eat this for 6 weeks. They lived in the cage for 3 weeks. This is the chicks after I move them into the cage.

biulding a starting cope

after 3 weeks in the house they stared to smell. so me, my mom and my sister built a small cope. we will have to build another cope for the winter. the cope has to floors, the bottom floor has no floor so they can peck at the ground. the top floor has 2 rooms. the floor can come out, so its easy to clean. this is a picture of the cope.

my chckens

The chickens are 7 weeks old now! They have all their feathers, and grow very fast. To lay, chickens need 15 hours of light. We are not putting electricity in the new cope so I want get any eggs till next spring. There is a gallery with picture of my 4 chickens. their names are bean, paprika, nutmeg,, and tapioca.