DigCit Summit California

An MBCUE and DigCit Institute Powered Event!

Top 5 Reasons to Attend!

1) Be proactive in creating a safe online environment

2) Take Social Emotional Learning Online

3) You can't beat the price of admission

4) Stay up to date on best practices

5) Learn how to empower students

Register Today!

Join the Digital Citizenship Institute and Monterey Bay Cue as we offer our first Digital Citizenship Summit (DigCit Summit) in North Salinas High School on May 18, 2019!

This summit is an event to promote and learn more about positive and productive Digital Citizenship. It aims to work towards solutions, promoting best practices, and empowering to be the digital change. This event will bring students, TK-12 educators, and parents together to learn from one another about how to best interact with all things digital from social media to informational literacy. Join us on the information highway and digital playground to create, learn, and grow with us with offerings in English and in Spanish.

For pricing information and to register visit http://digcitinstitute.com/digcitsummitcali/registration/

Need a purchase order? We are only accepting purchase orders for more than five people. For more information regarding purchase orders, please email: digcitsummitcali@digcitinstitute.com

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