Bring Back the Playground!

Westhampton Field (901 Maple Avenue Richmond, VA 23226)

Westhampton Field (901 Maple Avenue RVA 23226) used to be home to a wonderful playground accessibly by all in the community. The fields are maintained by Richmond City and is the perfect location for the city playground! Five years ago, the playground was relocated to Libbie Avenue. Where the playground currently sits, there is limited parking and the playground is hard to access.
We want to bring this playground back to it's original location with easier access for our Westhampton community! This move would bring Westhampton Field back to life with updated fields and new bathroom facilities. Families with children playing on the soccer field, visiting families at the Reinhardt House (over 1,000 families annually!!), local and new Westhampton families will all benefit. Let's make the most of the playground by placing it where it best serves the Westhampton Community!