Learning For Leaders

Coaching, Reflective Questioning and Feedback

Let's Flip It!

As January is already booked with learning and leading-we are going to flip our regularly scheduled "Learning for Leaders"! I have compiled the information and articles below based on our collective questions, wonderings and reflections from the CIR process.

Please read the following articles, complete the QUICK homework and be ready to share at our February learning opportunity!


Identify the presupposition(s) in each of the following questions. Consider the intention of the question, and rewrite each question using a positive presupposition or a technique that you have learned from the flipped article.

Then choose a question that you have revised and “try it” with a teacher. How does this revision build your capacity as a coach, and their reflection about their instruction?

· Have you thought about using cooperative learning to engage your students?

· What would you change about the classwork you assigned during that lesson?

· At what point did you notice the lesson wasn’t working?

· Did you spend any time planning your math lesson?

· Do you have a discipline plan in your classroom?