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March 27, 2020

Hi All,

I hope that this newsletter finds you well amidst all of the rapid changes to life here lately. Please know that our number one priority at present is to maintain awareness of and respond appropriately to the needs of students and families- if you need help for any reason, please reach out, and we will do our best to connect you to available resources!

In keeping with the guidance issued yesterday (3/26) by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), teachers will be connecting with students via email/Google Classroom this upcoming week to provide course-specific review and enrichment. Moving forward, teachers will be developing additional activities and opportunities for learning that focus on reinforcing skills acquired this year, and applying and deepening those skills. All grade levels will be easing into this plan in the next week or two. Reestablishing connections and relationships, and reviewing familiar content will come first.

Specifically, for students at MHS, teachers will provide a pacing guide and activities for the week, as well as instructions for how best to communicate with the teacher and the class. Starting the week of April 6th, teachers will begin to issue credit for completed assignments, assessments, and/or participation. We expect ALL students to check their school-issued gmail accounts regularly (beginning on Monday), and to participate in order to maintain good academic standing.

The MHS staff is excited to reconnect with students and establish a strong routine, even as they manage new and unique circumstances in their own households. Please understand that they cannot replicate the classroom or full delivery of content as we move forward with remote learning.

I have asked staff to collect questions from students and families, and to share those with me on a regular basis so that I can be aware of and responsive to your needs and concerns. Please read the Q & A below for additional information. These questions are basic and we'll continue to address them as they come!

Thank you so much for your patience and flexibility as we enter this new territory in teaching and learning.

Best regards,

Mary Watkins

MHS Remote Learning Q & A

1. Is participation optional?

All students are expected to participate.

2. How much work will I be expected to complete every day? What is the school day?

Guidance from DESE recommends approximately half the length of a regular day- for MHS, that’s a little over 3 hours. Expect about 20 minutes of work per class, daily. In some cases, teachers may provide a project-based assignment to be completed at your own pace throughout the week.

It will be important for you to develop a strong schedule to support your learning! For the purposes of planning your routine, we recommend that you reserve the hours of 9AM to 12:45PM for school (this includes some break time). If this time frame doesn’t work for you and your family, please don’t stress- this is just a recommendation- but developing a routine is essential!

3. How will my grades, transcript, class rank, etc. be impacted?

We are using the week of March 30th to finalize decisions regarding how credit will be issued for work successfully completed during this time. Details will be released in the coming week.

4. What if I don’t understand something I’m learning, and I need help from my teacher?

Follow the instructions provided by your teacher for communication and support.

5. Beyond academics….has Prom been cancelled?

Happily, we’ve secured a new date at Gillette! Details will be released in the coming week.

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