4th Grade News

December 7th, 2015

Great Forests of China

On Friday, we traveled across the world to the forests of the Sichuan and Yunnan provinces. We saw pictures and videos of the beautiful landscapes and animals of China. We learned about greenhouse gases and the burning of fossil fuels and how that is creating an increase in our average global temperatures. Most importantly, we learned how reforestation and the protection of habitat areas are critical in saving many animals that are endangered, such as the red panda, giant panda, golden monkey and takin. Did you know that there are only 2,000 Giant Pandas left in the wild?

MakerSpace Grant Recipient

Moreau Elementary School was awarded a grant from the SGF Education Foundation for $500!! We will be purchasing magnetized circuits called Little Bits for our students in the MakerSpace. Click the link below to watch a TED Talk explaining what they are all about.

If you have a chance, don't forget to check around your house for any of the supplies listed below for our new MakerSpace. Thank you in advance!

Makerspace Supply List (Suggestions)

  • Sewing supplies (Needles, thread, scissors, fabric, sewing machine)

  • Ribbon, yarn, string

  • duct tape

  • Legos, Knex, Blocks

  • All types of paper (Wrapping paper, card stock, construction paper, printer paper, scrapbook)

  • Post-it notes

  • Markers, Pens, Crayons, etc.

  • Cardboard of any kind, ranging from boxes like cereal or Pop Tarts to large appliances (flattened please)

  • Cardboard tubes (wrapping paper, toilet paper, paper towel, etc.)

  • Play-Doh

  • Circuitry Kits (can be purchased online)

  • Craft supplies (cotton balls, popsicle sticks, paint, tape, low temp hot glue gun, glue gun sticks, regular glue/sticks, toothpicks)

  • Canvas, art supplies

  • Dominoes, marbles

  • Playing cards (used for building items)

Spotlight on Nonfiction

Everyone has now selected some nonfiction books to read from the library, our classroom libraries and home based on their interests and reading levels. For the next 6 weeks, your child should be primarily reading nonfiction books, but of course they can still read realistic fiction or any other genre for fun! They will need a nonfiction book in order to complete their Reader's Workshop homework.

We will continue to learn the skills needed for reading nonfiction well by using the text structure to help you figure out what is important. These skills are crucial for middle and high school when they will be reading 2/3 nonfiction.

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What's Your Opinion

At the beginning of last week, everyone wrote an opinion essay independently. This is called the "Starting Point". We use this writing piece to see how much growth they make in their writing over the unit. After having a year of Writer's Workshop under their belts from 3rd grade, we were so impressed to see how much they already knew!

They were so surprised to see their growth when we looked back at their starting point for our realistic fiction unit. They said, "I can't believe I misspelled that word!" and "I didn't write many details at all!" Their skills have come so far already.

So we are officially on our way! This coming week, we will be brainstorming people, places and objects that matter to them and deciding on an opinion they have about those things. We will use the acronym OREO (opinion, reason, example, opinion) to write our paragraphs. We can't wait to see the final products!

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Digging into Division

Last week, we took the mid-module 3 test and we will be moving on to the second half of the module. We will be learning how to divide.

Addition and Subtraction Fluency

Thank you for your understanding while we work out the kinks of our new addition and subtraction fluency test. We sent a letter home last week explaining how the cut-offs have changed for each grade. Many of our students practiced their double digit addition and subtraction facts and it really paid off for them. Please continue to practice throughout the school year. The goal is for your child to achieve a 3 by the end of the school year. Thank you for your support!

Holiday Concert

Thursday, Dec. 10th, 1:45pm

Moreau Elementary School, Fort Edward, NY, United States

Fort Edward, NY

After months of practice, we will be watching our orchestra, band and chorus kids perform. We can't wait!

Hour of Code

Friday, Dec. 11th, 1:45-3pm

Moreau Elementary School, Fort Edward, NY, United States

Fort Edward, NY

Fort Ticonderoga

Wednesday, June 15th 2016 at 8:30am-2:45pm

100 Fort Ti Road

Ticonderoga, NY

Mark your calendars ... ask for the day off! This is a field trip you can't miss! Join us for a day at Fort Ti exploring the fort and participating in an educational program.