Literacy News from Sarah Pagogna

November 2021 Edition

Essential Instructional Practice focus for November- Essential 4 Phonological Awareness

listening to and creating variations on books and songs with rhyming or alliteration

• sorting pictures, objects, and written words by a sound or sounds

• activities that involve segmenting sounds in words

• activities that involve blending sounds in words

• daily opportunities to write meaningful texts in which they listen for the sounds in words to estimate their spellings

Interactive Phonemic Awareness Activities

  • Read The Hungry Thing by Jan Slepian
  • Students will predict what the Hungry Thing would like to eat
  • After reading, create a classbook with your students. Maybe titled, The Hungry Children. Students can generate ideas of foods they would like to eat and change the beginnng sound to make a silly word!

Mrs. Pagogna is hungry for farshmellows. So I gave her some marshmellows!

I like to eat mizza. Mrs. Pagogna gave me pizza.

Words of Wisdom from Dr. Nell Duke

Read the article Phonics Faux Pas: Avoiding Instructional Missteps in Teaching Letter-Sound Relationships. Think about your purpose for instruction of letter names and sounds. What you want students to do independently in reading and writing? Are we being intentional in our instruction to get them there?

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