What is Media Literacy?


Being Media Literate

Media Literacy is a way of people evaluating analyzing, and communicating through a wide variety of media formats. It is basically a way of socializing with others. Facebook, Twitter, and blogs are all ways of people interacting with each other through media literacy. In my opinion a media literate person understands the way media can affect their lives. A media literate person understands the different uses of media and enjoys the use. A media literate person understands the impact of social media on society, and ways that it benefits society. A person who is media literate can understand what the internet, music, TV, and other forms of media can be used for. They understand the it’s a means of communication and most of the people of this generation use the media in their daily lives. Mostly a person who is media literate lives in this generation, because the generation of teens and kids now use media and know the most about media compared to other generations. We understand the uses of media and why it is used. Everything we know about people, places, and events can we found with the touch of a finger through media., To be clear media is not only through a computer or the TV, it can be through newspapers, magazines, and articles, and a media literate person who understand that. A media literate person wouldn't be a person who just knows about media, he or she would also be a person who uses it daily and is in control of their media use. By being in control they would know the dangers media use has, and the lasting footprints that it will leave behind. They would know that whatever they put on the internet will remain their forever; therefore they are very cautious as to what they put up and what they don’t.

Budweiser Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial -- "Puppy Love"

"Puppy Love" Budweiser Commercial Rhetorical Précis

In the Superbowl commercial “Puppy Love” (2014), Anomaly, a nationally known advertising company, argues that friendship is immortal, no matter what obstacles can come between two friends, even if it’s a Golden Retriever about to be adopted and a Clydesdale Horse. Anomaly characterizes this by using pathos to tug at the hearts and emotion of the average American citizen, and also by juxtaposing these emotions with a Budweiser commercial to show that the company is caring and loving. Using the hearts of American, Anomaly brings out the emotional side of every person watching the Superbowl in the attempt to get people to correlate their emotions, and happiness with Budweiser and the company; they want to promote Budweiser as a caring and loving company, that want to see two friends from completely two different species come together in a friendship that was faced with many obstacles. Anomaly’s emotional audience is are those American people who have tuned in on the Superbowl as well as those who saw the commercial released early on YouTube and social media websites; furthermore not only do they want citizens who are above 21 because it is of course an alcoholic beverage but as well as young children and teens so they will be attracted to their parade and factory as a tourist attraction.

Kinetic Typography "Passion For The Game"

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Satire News Article

Graduation scheduled for 8 A.M.

Kunal Shah, Staff Reporter

Monday March 24th, 2014

SUWANEE-- Peachtree Ridge High school officials came to a decision to hold graduation on Saturday May 24th at 8 A.M. after serious discussion on the issue late last Wednesday.

School officials came to a consensus Wednesday to keep graduation bright and early at 8 A.M... Students are thrilled to get their graduation over with so they have the rest of the day to catch up on their sleep.

“8 A.M. is a perfect time to graduate; we can get up when it’s dark outside still, come to the Arena at 6 A.M., practice our walk, get started at 8, and be out of here just in time for the rest of my friends and family to wake up and congratulate me. It is the ideal scenario, and when I go home I can go to sleep. I feel so much more comfortable going at 8 A.M. because it feels just like another school day, its perfect.”

Many students are excited and comfortable with the graduation time because they say it’s just like another school day, and they need that one last 5:30 wake up call just for nostalgia.

Officials were congratulating each other on their scholarly like decision late Wednesday.

“We are so pleased with ourselves and our decision. Who knew we could come up with such an amazing schedule? We are the Standard of excellence as you know and bright and early in the morning is when our PRHS students are at the peak of their excellence during the day."

Students are now counting down the days till the best graduation Gwinnett

County will ever have.

1984 Response

1984 ends with the shocking revelation of Winston being brainwashed by the Thought Police, into following Big Brother again. I felt the ending was different. Usually in books and movies there is always a happily ever after, and you always predict that to happen before even opening the book. But in this case you never saw it coming, you thought throughout the book that Winston will be with Julia and away from Big Brother and be free but that never happens.Honestly I liked Orwell's work, because although it was different and not the norm of a typical book, I could still relate it to the real world. I saw the government of today turning into the government in the book. I saw many similarities, and I really liked seeing that because it opened my eyes to the possibilities of how the government to be. I definitely see the government portrayed in the book in the real world today. There are many tangents between the two, because the way the government has changed into watching their citizens, controlling what people do and see is very similar to the extremes Big Brother takes to watch his people. If i was writing this book I probably would have ended it the same as all the other books, with a happy ending, with Winston and Julia living together away from the fear and control of Big Brother, and free. From this book the most important message i'd like to convey is that there are similarities in the real world we must watch for. We have to be proactive and stand up for what we believe in, instead of sitting back while everything in front of you falls apart.

Performance Final

This year I took the Media Literacy Class for my senior year language arts class. Coming into this class I thought it would be a lot of reading and out of class work, therefore I was skeptical on how much I would like it. But from day 1 we were able to do all our assignments in class, with a much laid back and relaxed environment. This year I feel like I learned a minimal amount. I feel this way because my generation is a generation built off technology. From age 5 most of know how to work our way around a computer or cell phone. Therefore being taught something we are already have a deep understanding about can be boring at times. But what I did learn was that you can read a book and interpret it in many different ways. Throughout my high school career, I always had the idea, that certain texts can be seen in many different perspectives, but teachers only allowed and accepted their own ideas of the interpretation. But this year for example there were many ideas on how 1984 ended, he could of died or it could have been a metaphor for his death, therefore we argued and eventually both ideas could work, and were accepted. I saw that any idea can work, and that’s what an author is trying to do with his or her book, they leave the end with looming questions giving the reader and chance for open interpretations. This class was different from most language arts classes in that, they allowed us to be more free thinking. I was able to write down my own ideas and thoughts about certain things, which gave the room for no wrong answers, only right answers. Furthermore we were way more invested in a technology based environment which was due to our evolving society. I enjoyed this because it let us save our work and pick it up from anywhere with a computer; also the completion of our work was faster and more efficient. I enjoyed this class; I liked the relaxed and laid back environment. But in the future I think this class should be less about technology, already in place but more about the new technology waiting to come out. Because we are the generation with the technology, people have time and time again labeled us as that; therefore we are more knowledgeable on the subject than anyone else. So we should learn what is new, a dystopia of technology.