Internet Safety

By Ashley Zietlow, Hour 1

Personal Information is Personal

Never share your personal information, as it could end up where you don't want it too, even if you think it can't. Social Media, gaming sites, anywhere online is a bad place to share personal information to people that you probably don't actually know.

People you "meet" online

Not everyone is truthful, and as horrible as it sounds, it's true and you know it. Just because someone says their something online, doesn't mean it's actually true. You've heard the stories, you know it can happen where someone lies to get someone younger. Just make sure it doesn't happen to you and if they ask to met up, you tell someone. Because it just could be a creep.

Would you say it in real life?

Before you send that text with some rude message in it, think. Would you want your parents to see it? Would you want any of your family to see it? Would you say it in real life? If any one of these is a no, then DON'T SEND IT! There is a real person receiving those messages.