Back-to-School Night


Bienvenue! Welcome to Back to School Night at East High School!

This year I am adding a variety of new ideas to our French learning community. Below you will see a list of technology that I am currently using in our classroom. I just received an entire cart of netbooks for our class! So I am planning to put them to good use. Some uses will be: practicing our vocabulary with Study Blue after working on a class story, searching for information on quarter projects on French speaking places throughout the world and using Edmodo to manage small group projects and our day to day happenings.

All parents can easily join Edmodo. You may create an account and join your student's French class to see what we work on each day as well as stay up to date with what's happening in class and school. Edmodo is also a great way to contact me. There are free iOS and Android apps for your phone as well.

Last year we had pen pals from the Caribbean Island of Martinique. I also hope to use Skype in our classroom with another class in France pending I can find a good camera and workout our time zone differences!

I am continuing to use Study Blue and Remind 101 to our classroom experience. You are more than welcome to visit or sign up for either. Study Blue is where I will house all of the flashcards for the vocabulary and structures we are learning. Remind 101 is a safe texting environment where teachers can send one way communications to a class. The class will never have my phone number and I will never have theirs.

I am continuing to use a new curriculum this year called Total Physical Response through Storytelling. Research shows that the brain acquires language faster if given contextualized input or a visual meaning along with words rather than just drilling grammar. I will accomplish this through humorous stories and increased readings.

Welcome back to East High School and do not hesitate to contact me.


Janeen Wilkins

Technology In Our Classroom