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Monday - January 25, 2021

SFACF and Great Western Bank Answer Snack Need

We've all learned how to be flexible during this pandemic. But, sometimes flexible does not equal reasonable! In order to space students out in the lunchroom, schools had to extend their lunch periods, foods had to be pre-packaged to meet COVID safety guidelines, and a local supplier was no longer able to provide what was needed. This "perfect storm" was quickly calmed by significant donations from Great Western Bank and the Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation.

The $50,000 grant helps 10 Title I elementary schools provide healthy, pre-packaged snacks to each school day. These snacks fill the hunger gap for students assigned to eat lunch earlier or later than normal to meet social distance guidelines in the lunchroom. We appreciate these community partners! We are better #together!


Summer Learning Options

The Sioux Falls School District is committed to providing quality educational opportunities for students as outlined in our Strategic Plan. As a result of this commitment, students in pre-K through 12th grade will have the opportunity to participate in summer programming over the 2021 summer months. These summer programs provide a variety of opportunities for students. Several of the upcoming pre-K through 5th-grade summer programs will center their focus on bridging the gap of lost learning due to COVID-19.

View report ---> https://bit.ly/39iaVji

Return to Learn (R2L) Update

The Sioux Falls School District is starting to consider Spring activities and the impact COVID-19 will have on those events. At this point, we believe graduation will occur in-person, with some restrictions. Other events like prom and concerts, etc. will be considered in the coming weeks. We will be putting out information to families as soon as it becomes available.

Student COVID Self-Care

Parent COVID Self-Care

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You find learn more about the District's Legislative Positions on education-related bills by clicking this link. It is updated regularly as new bills are "dropped" and as bills are amended.

Ben Reifel Middle School Staff Use Inservice to Plan Opening and Operations

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