Grey Wolf

By Dominic Anderson


Grey Wolves are found in South America and are found China Grey Wolves are they can be found in the Snow Lands.and live in Alaska


Grey Wolves eat oak and fruit to wolves can eat fruit if they do not have any meat they will go to berry. bushes and eat the berries of the bush they eat rabbit .bunny and other animals that have. meat and guts inside of them.

physical discreption

Grey Wolves go in packs of 8 and hunt together in some parts of South America China Asia and in lands that have snow wolves will in the snow because they have thick fur and they can dig under the snow and hide in the snow and come out and and chase its pray
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Interesting Facts

Grey wolfs can run up to 31-37 mph Grey wolves stalk there prey and chase a After there prey and stab there two dagger teeth into the Animal
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Caring for the young

grey wolves care for there young until there young until there young until it is 4 years old and they are adults at 7 years before there 4 years old they drink off of there moms breast milk and once they start getting older they will star eating chewed up food from the mom and dad and they start eating meat all by them self with raw meat

a place of where they live

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