September 2-6


Good morning,

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had a relaxing, enjoyable Labor Day weekend with some quality time with family and friends.

This week will start the character trait is Gratitude for the month September . Work on encouraging the your students to show gratitude by saying " Thank You" and "Please" and encourage them to write and discuss what they are thankful for.

Starting this week TLC lessons will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays your TLC group will go to homeroom the last 15 minutes of the day. During this time you can have the students fill out their goals and agenda for the week, and discuss their goals and progress with the TLC lessons or anything else your team feels is important.

Have a great week and Tuesday!

Have a great week!

Aim High and Dream Big!!


Friendly Reminders

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I challenge you to write a Gratitude Journal along with your students.

What's Going This Week

This week is Science Supervision.

Monday- No School

Tuesday- Volleyball at Batavia

Wednesday- Shelley 's Birthday! EH - Focus Teams

Thursday- School Pictures; VB Home against Williamsburg; BLT Meeting

Friday- SPIRIT

Saturday- XC Home Meet


Discuss importance of showing gratitude this week/month

Have the students use a sheet of paper and title it " My Gratitude Journal". Each day have the students write 1-3 things they are thankful for that day.

Please show the video. My Shoes (3:53) sometime during the day. Link Below

9/3 ( T)

1. Set Goals for the week and fill out agenda

2. Share a story where a strength lead to a success.

3. Doorway Paper Handout. (p.18 5/6) A student fills out the first line then passes the paper until all 5 lines are filled out. Display the paper somewhere.

4. Journal: Pick one of the strengths and write about how the strength could open a door for you.

5. Gratitude Journal

9/4 (W) 2:15-2:30

Revisit goals and have students share the strength they wrote about .

Gratitude Journal

9/5 (Th)

  1. Journal Writing- Write about a time when they when they were at their “personal best” or in the zone. Remember every detail. Describe in three words. Time permitting share stories.

(p 18)

2.) p. 19 Classroom Strengths- Have students discuss the benefits of having students with many different strengths in the classroom. Students will work in teams to determine three strengths they think are most imports in making the classroom a good place for everyone. Teams report out.

3.) Assign students to choose one of these strengths to practice intentionally for one or two weeks . Have each team keep a record of how that strength was practiced by each team member.

4. Gratitude Journal

9/6- F

Have students evaluate how they did with their goals for the week and how have they shown gratitude .

Gratitude Journal

My Shoes

This video teaches students to always be grateful for the blessings they have. It also lets students know they need to work hard if they want to achieve something
Motivational Videos - My Shoes

History of Labor Day - 3:13 minutes

History of the Holidays: Labor Day | History


Getting to Know Our Students- A successful school year starts—and continues—with knowing well the students we serve

Eight Beginning of the Year Ideas

Parent/ Family Newsletter

I have decided this year to include my Parent Newsletter so you can be up to date on information sent home.
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