Digital Citizenship Project

Isabelle L P.6

Rule #1: Digital Etiquette

Think before you post

True? Helpful? Inspirational? Necessary? Kind? Remember when you post it, it is out for everyone to see. So pause before you post.

Rule #2: Information Privacy

Don't share your personal information online or anywhere

Think would you just go give your information to any random person just because they asked for it? Also when you give out your personal information you could get spammed or identity theft.

Rule #3: Social Networking

Be careful who you become friends online.

If you become friends with someone you don't know online the person can hack you. Or track you with your account.

Rule#4: Online Safty

Keep your identity a secret

Don't tell anyone your true identity because there are bad people out there who can hurt you if they know all of your personal information. Think would you just go give your personal information to a random stranger that you don't even know.

Rule #5: Cyberbullying

Be nice online!!

Don't send mean or rude things to people online because that can destroy someone on the inside. You may feel like no one knows who you are but anyone can find out your true identity.

Rule #6: Plagiarism

Don't steal other peoples work
If you steal other peoples work you can get in a lot of trouble because you are taking other peoples work without permission. Did you know that everything you write is saved and has a copy write. A copy write means it is permanently yours.

Rule #7: Copyright

A copy right will protect your work

When you copy write something it is yours and if someone takes or copy's your work without permission they can be sued which means they can pay money for taking your work. Remember you can't copy right an idea.

What is digital citizenship

Digital citizenship is basically about you. When you think about your digital citizenship you really need to think about these seven rules ecspecially the part of if you are nice on the internet.

Why is it necessary for everyone to understand and display positive digital citizenship practice

It is necessary for everyone because if you are mean on the internet it can really destroy someone on the inside. Also if you display a positive digital citizenship you can keep a clean record on being nice the internet. Honestly does it make you fell good as a person when you insult or say something mean to a person you don't even know? Just always be nice on the internet.