🎉 Happy New Year! 🎉

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Forest Heights Family,

Welcome back to a new year of learning, discovery, and success. A new year brings new beginnings and a fresh start to something new. We are looking forward to a productive and rewarding remainder of the academic school year. The second semester will be filled with success through hard work and dedication. Students will be provided with daily opportunities to grow and achieve success. To kick it off, we will begin with our Sight Word Challenge in grades Kindergarten through Second. We will also kick off a Multiplication Challenge for grades 3rd-5th. Hard work is the responsibility of all, teachers, students, staff, families, and administrators. Together we can and will achieve so many things.

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Welcome to the new year! In reading, it is important that students begin to write and decode CVC words independently. Daily practice of common sight words will continue throughout the remainder of the year. Please continue to practice these sight words at home. In math, we will be focused on addition and subtraction. Students will be using number bonds to compose and decompose numbers. In social studies, we will be working on understanding our community and how time progresses on a calendar. In science, we will continue to explore temperature and weather and how these change as seasons change.


The fabulous First Grade Team is excited to be exploring new concepts in the new year!

In ELA, we are beginning Module 3, the study of wind as a force. In this module, we will be exploring how wind acts in nature. Our text about wind will be used to explore text features, grammar and conventions as well as multiple forms of writing.

In Math, we are exploring Module 4, focusing on addition and subtraction with larger numbers using place value.

In Science, students will begin exploring light and sound energy.

In Social Studies, our scholars will begin exploring economics.

We are excited to introduce the FHAE Sight Word Challenge. Students will be given a list of sight words and will be quizzed on them twice a month. Students will earn prizes and rewards for completing their word list.

The first grade team is excited to continue this journey with our awesome scholars.


In ELA, we are working on Module 2 and reading, The American West. Through the texts Plains Indians and Journey of Pioneer, students get an understanding of life in the West before and after the arrival of the settlers. Students will examine meaningful life lessons in The Legend of Bluebonnet and in stories of the legendary Johnny Appleseed and John Henry.

In Math, we are on Module 4, Addition and Subtraction Within 200 with Word Problems to 100. Module 4 is devoted to three major areas of work. The first two are building fluency in two-digit addition and subtraction within 100 and applying that fluency to one- and two-step word problems of varying types within 100.

We are studying and learning about Properties of Matter in Science. And finally in Social Studies, we are on Our Community and its Heritage unit.


We have been learning so many new things and we can’t wait to learn so much more.

In Science, we are learning so much about living organisms and Inheritance & Traits! Our scholars are loving learning about Life Science! In Social Studies, we are continuing to discover what makes Louisiana unique. In doing this, we are focusing on Louisiana’s Communities. We are beginning to look specifically at festivals and foods that are a part of our culture.

In Reading and ELA, we are studying abroad and learning more about immigration as we explore Module 3 with Wit & Wisdom. We are discussing the history of immigration in the U.S. while highlighting the diversity that the different cultures have brought to the United States. Students will learn about the Statue of Liberty. We are heavily focusing on text evidence and how to implement evidence from two different texts in our writings. We’re diving into the minds of characters and their points of view and how our point of view or another character’s may be different. Most importantly, we are working on the sequence of events and how that may be affected by the characters’ actions.

In Math, students are exploring area as an attribute of two-dimensional figures and relating it to their prior understandings of multiplication. We will soon be wrapping up our unit on Area, and will move on to Module 5 which is all about Fractions. Students extend and deepen second-grade practice with equal shares to understanding fractions as equal partitions of a whole. As always, continue to practice those multiplication facts!


The new year is here and we have hit the ground running with new content across all core subjects. We are continuing to master all instructional content while maintaining safe practices to ensure the success of our students. In Math, we are working on fractions. Your child should have given you a letter with login information to a wonderful math learning website called Zearn. This is a great reinforcement tool that you and your child can use to improve his/her skills and concepts in math. Please continue helping your child with their facts so that he/she can be successful with multiplication facts 1 x 1 through 12 x 12. Also, the vocabulary, found in their Math google classroom, is important for fourth-grade students to apply the principles and concepts taught in Math daily. Your assistance is always appreciated.

Reading has never been more exciting than now. We have started the third module, The Redcoats Are Coming! We will use a critical eye to see how the American Revolution was a foundation in American History. With a focus on identifying and understanding perspective and its impact on our understanding of events and decisions people make, students will gain greater skill in the area of critical thinking. Our essential question is: Why is it important to understand all sides of a story? A Wit and Wisdom parent tip sheet for Module 3 will be sent home with your student. This tip sheet has information on extra books your student can read, questions to ask at home, and ideas for talking about the American Revolution. Our novel for this module is Wood Runner by Paulsen.

In Science we are delving more into our Light and Vision unit with countless engaging investigations. In Social Studies we are taking a deeper look into the establishment of the 13 Colonies and the events that led to the American Revolution. These are interesting units to study and your child will continue enjoying the learning experience. All assignments will be in Google Classroom. Please check that your child is always utilizing his/her strategies in “Annotate with Kami” (unwrapping questions, analyzing and annotating sources, and showing proof of evidence).

As always, we are constantly working hard to ensure that your child receives the best education possible. We thank you for all of your support in keeping your child motivated!


The month of January has been off to a great start for our 5th graders. In ELA, we are transitioning into Module 3 and we'll be covering the topic of the Civil War. In Math, we will begin focusing on the skill of dividing fractions. In Science, we are investigating the separation of a mixture, liquids that mix and don't mix, and emulsifiers. In Social Studies, we'll be concluding our unit on the Colonization of America.