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St Joseph was chosen by the Eternal Father,

As the trustworthy guardian and protector of his greatest treasures,

namely his divine son and Mary

Term One, Week Six - 17 March 2021


Term Two

Monday 19 April - Friday 2 July

Pupil Free Day - Friday 23 April

Term Three

Students: Monday 19 July - Friday 24 September

Pupil Free Days - Monday 19 July, Monday 23 August

Term Four

Monday 11 October - Friday 10 December

Pupil Free Day - Monday 11 October

Principal - Paula MacKenzie

Dear Parents and Caregivers

This year is the Year of St Joseph. Pope Francis announced a Year of St Joseph to honour the 150th anniversary of St Joseph becoming the Patron Saint of the Church. The Pope explained that during the months of the Pandemic he noticed many people had made hidden sacrifices during the crisis in order to protect others. His wish that each of us discover in Joseph – the man who goes unnoticed, a daily discreet and hidden presence, a support and guide in times of trouble.

Joseph was a descendant of the house of King David. After marrying Mary, he found her already pregnant and, “being a righteous man and unwilling to expose her to public disgrace” (Matthew 1:19), decided to divorce her quietly, but an angel told him that the child was the Son of God and was conceived by the Holy Spirit.

Fatherhood calls for many challenges and hardships, which every dad bears with pride and happiness. Your dad has been your first friend who has always been with you, no matter what. He is the one person who has bestowed you with unconditional love and care, without asking for anything in return. When it comes to the relationship you share with your father, there are absolutely no strings attached. He may not show it, but he is always there for you, with his unwavering support and assistance. Remember to tell your dad how much you love him and what he means to you.


As Christians, we ought to embrace the world in which we live.

After all, this is still God’s world. Yet that is increasingly hard to recognize as many of us get swept up into the latest Tweet, Facebook post, or viral video. We are constantly entertained. And with the ease of working from anywhere, we are constantly working. Technology allows

us to communicate effectively and connect with others, even on Skype calls across


With all of the time-saving and people-connecting devices we have, what about our

time to connect with God? Does the pace of the world really move so quickly that we

have no time for God? During this Lenten time perhaps as a family we could stop and spend time in prayer and reflect on our faith journey.

Lent, is the season in which we prepare for the Easter celebration of Jesus' resurrection, and allows for teaching children about prayer, sacrifice and showing kindness to others.

Lent is a very important time in our faith that focuses on the ideas of sacrifice, repentance, reflection and prayer. These are hard concepts for children to grasp, but that doesn't mean they can't fully participate in the Lenten season. Explain to the children that Lent is about getting ready for Easter as well as apologizing to God for the times when we weren't so good.

Lent is a special time when God invites us to go without so that others may have a fair share of the gifts of creation. The season is about changing ourselves and thinking of others. It is a time to take action, to be aware of others and to work towards a world where we all have a healthy and safe environment to grow in.

I hope this explanation is of some help and I have tried to keep it child friendly, but you may like to chat with your child and help them find a clearer picture about this season. It is by talking together that we discover our understanding. This is a wonderful time to sit as a family and reconnect with God.


On Friday 5th March we were blessed to have the Director of Creative Edge Thinking, Kathy Boyatzis visit our school and hold workshops with our students.

Creative Edge Thinking is for students with a passion for learning and problem solving to demonstrate their skills and talents in an exciting, vibrant, and public way.

Creative Edge Thinking is one of the fastest growing programs, providing for the increasing demand for sophisticated, educational opportunities. The annual involvement of thousands of participants demonstrates that Creative edge Thinking is a worthwhile investment in the education of our youth and is an integral part of our collective future. Creative Edge Thinking aims to enhance the potential of our youth by developing diverse skills, enterprise, time management, and the discipline to work collaboratively within a challenging and competitive environment.

Our students thoroughly enjoyed the experience and Mrs Alison Yeo as their facilitator worked alongside Kathy and the children to develop their creative thinking skills.


Thank you so much to the parents who filled in the survey form in relation to P & F meetings. We really appreciate you participating as it helps us to choose the most viable time and dates. After reviewing the survey responses, the overwhelming day for our parents is Friday and the most popular time is 9.00am. We thank you so much for participating and we hope to see many parents join us for the meetings. Our next meeting will be on Friday 26th March.


Our amazing P & F are currently working on our Easter Raffle, I know our children love this raffle and always look forward to this event. We welcome any donations of Easter Eggs from families at this time and they can be dropped off in the front office or given to your children to drop off in their classrooms. The eggs will be stored in the front office until the raffle. Thank you so much to all our families who participate it is greatly appreciated


It has been wonderful to see children attending the swimming training that is offered before school on a Tuesday morning at 7.00am led by our sensational mums and teachers. Mrs Deanna Kingma ensures that our students train well and are ready to compete in the swimming carnival later in the term. If your child is in Years 2 – 6 they can join the training at Swan Active.


I have been impressed to see so many families attend Playgroup each week. The Playgroup is thriving and is led by our very experienced and caring teacher Mrs Gabrielle D’Agnone- Doyle. Everyone is welcome and it is held every Monday from 9.00am – 11.00am. If you have a little one and would like to be involved please come along on Monday mornings.


Friendships are a very important part of life. Making friends and keeping friends can be a very difficult ‘job’ for many people. Children especially, may find the issue of friendship difficult and it is in fact one of the major issues that teachers deal with in your child’s social education. Some children, like adults, just have the ‘knack’ for easily making and developing strong friendships. However, for other children it can be a nightmare and they need to be taught the skills of making and keeping friends.

Often children will tell me that they have no friends. My experience tells me that in most cases, this is not the fact, but more often it is a case of a particular social situation that has resulted in them ‘falling out’ of a particular friendship grouping. Children are extremely sensitive to the dynamics of friendships and often struggle to understand how, in some cases, their actions or the actions of others, have contributed to a temporary ‘falling out’ with friends.

While there is no ‘magic recipe’ for making and keeping friends, the following are some helpful points:

  • Friendships are like planting flower seeds. You need to nurture and care for them in order that they blossom.
  • Sometimes, despite all your best efforts, a friend might just remain as someone you know.
  • Finding and becoming best friends takes time, don’t be in a hurry to move from someone you know to regular friend and then best friend.
  • What makes a good friend? Talk to someone about this and list all the things that other people do to become good friends.
  • Look for groups who seem to have interests which you share or know something about.
  • Helping others is a good way to make friends, but remember to be kind, not bossy.
  • Be a good listener so others can tell that you are really interested in what they are saying.
  • Be a positive person. Talk about other people in a positive way.

God Bless

Assistant Principal - Mike Sibbald

PRAYER “When his father saw him, he was so filled with compassion; and he ran and put his arms around him …” (Luke 15:20-21)

Reflection – In the parable of the “Prodigal Son” lays the yearning of every human heart …. The yearning to be loved and accepted with all our imperfections ~ for someone to see the worth behind all our mistakes and failings. This is the moment God waits for in every Lenten season and in every second of every day. The moment, when the heart that yearns for healing realises its need for forgiveness and follows its yearning to go home! Forgiveness always brings healing.

Please continue to encourage your child/children to keep their Lenten promises and contribute to Project Compassion.


Congratulations to both Year One and Year Four classes, for their beautifully presented liturgies celebrated in our new Sacred Space. Both Fr Benny and Fr Liam were really impressed and pleased with each year group and enjoyed the new outdoor surroundings. Thank you to the many parents who joined us. Your presence is truly appreciated 😊.


The First Reconciliation Parent Evening due to be held this coming week, has now been postponed until Tuesday 20 April. Fr Benny apologies for this change.

It will still be held at 7.00pm in the St Brigid’s Parish Church. Information pertaining to the Sacrament of Reconciliation will be provided along with some helpful information to assist your child with their preparation. It will not be a long gathering and Fr Benny looks forward to meeting at least one parent from each child who will be making this important sacrament.


Year 3 RECONCILIATION – Tuesday 4 May 2021 (5.00pm)

Year 4 FIRST EUCHARIST – Sunday 13 June 2021 (11.00am)

Year 6 CONFIRMATION – Sunday 29 August 2021 (11.00am)

Assistant Principal - Luke Shaw


As mentioned in previous newsletters, Paul Litherland, founder and co-owner of Surf Online Safe will be visiting our school on Wednesday 24 March. Paul will present to our Year 5 & 6 students during the day, before presenting to parents later in the evening (6:30-8:00pm, in the MacKillop Hall). It is wonderful that we are able to have Paul present to our senior students and parents on this important topic. If you would like to attend the parent evening, please register at by Monday 22 March (please note that the registration window has been extended). Paul has spoken at many schools and his presentations are informative and engaging – I strongly encourage your attendance. More information can be found at


Parent/teacher meetings will take place over the first two weeks of Term Two - excluding Friday 23 April (pupil free day) and Monday 26 April (ANZAC Day public holiday) – this is for all year groups, excluding Year 5B. Parents are able to register for meetings online at

As Mr Sheridan will be on Long Service Leave next term, he will be completing his parent/teacher interviews over the last two weeks of this term. Year 5B parents are to register for parent/teacher interviews at

Please note that these meetings are strictly 10 minutes. If you need to chat further with your child’s teacher, you will need to arrange a time from Week Three of Term Two. Over the last few years, we have provided parents with Student Summary Sheets towards the end of Term One. This information has guided parent/teacher meetings. These will be uploaded to SEQTA Engage for parents on Wednesday 31 March – the second last day of Term One. Please take the time to read through this information over the school holidays, prior to your parent/teacher meeting.


School photos will be taking place on Wednesday 24 March (Pre-Primary to Year Six) and Friday 26 March (Pre-Kindy). Family photos will take place from 8:00am-8:50am. All photos will take place in the hall. Students from Years 1-6 are to be wearing their full summer uniform. Our Pre Kindy – Pre Primary students are to wear their usual clothing.




Wednesday's, Thursday's & Friday's are the busiest days for the canteen so if you can help even for a little while between 11.15am to 12.30pm, that would be a huge help. Please call into the canteen and let Kylie (our canteen manager) know when you are available. Thank you


If you would like to order uniforms for your children you can click on the link below and email your completed order through to the address on the bottom of the order form. Jo will then process your order during uniform shop hours being: Monday and Friday mornings from 8am to 9.30am and Wednesday afternoons from 2.00pm to 3.30pm. Uniforms will then be sent to your child's classroom.


Come along and join the St Brigid's Swim Squad. Training takes place every Tuesday morning at Swan Active, Morrison Road, Midvale, commencing at 7am. Entry is $3.40 (no spectator fee for parents).

Swim Squad is for students in Yrs 2 to Yr 6 who are at swimming level 5 or above. Students can then take advantage of Breakfast Club at school which commences at 8.10am in the MacKillop Hall. If you have any queries, please contact Deanna (DJ) on 0419 943 901.

Before & After School Care

Parents, we are here to support you and your children in before and after school hours! We offer a secure, safe and exciting environment for your children to thrive and be a part of a socialized group.

Please note an enrolment form and 1 days' notice is to be given to make your casual bookings for your children.

We are here to help! Enrolment forms are now online

Vacancies Available Now!

P: 0484302073


Middle Swan Dental Therapy Centre

School Holiday Opening Hours

This clinic will be OPEN on selected dates:

First week- 07/04/21

Second week- 12/04/21- 16/04/21

In case of emergency on the 06/04, 08/04 or 09/04 please call Guildford Dental Therapy Centre on 9279 5869

For after-hours emergencies please call 1800 098 818.

Have a safe and happy holidays.

Middle Swan Dental Therapy Staff

These April school holidays METRONET will have a full-scale model on display at Yagan Square, giving people an early opportunity to see inside Perth’s new C-Series trains.

METRONET would like to invite you to share this information with your school families, to attend the free family-friendly event from Saturday, 3 April to Sunday, 18 April between 9am and 5pm.

Visitors can walk through the carriage and along with the railcar, there is a 1:50 scale model on display, and kids can get involved with a scavenger hunt.

Thursday mornings between 9am-10am are reserved for Quiet Hour, where the display will be low sensory to cater for those who prefer to experience the train in this environment.

Walk-ins will be welcome and families wanting to skip the queue will be able to register for free VIP tickets at

If you need any further information on the event, or could share some promotional materials, please just let us know by return email or at 9326 3666.

As the biggest railcar order in the state’s history, the METRONET Railcar Program will deliver 246 new C-series railcars to Perth’s rail network.

The trains will service an increased demand from METRONET projects and replace the A-series trains that currently operate on the Armadale/Thornlie, Fremantle and Midland lines.

Find out more about the Railcar Program and METRONET at

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