Weekly Memo - 1/3 to 1/9

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had an awesome Holiday Break and is ready to do great things in 2016! This is the calendar year where many great things will happen for the SC GEAR UP Cohort. It starts with a strong Spring 2016. As we head down the hill towards the end of 11th grade, we need to be sure we are as diligent as ever in communicating with the coaches, school leadership and invested parties. FYI -- 2016 is going to see some changes from the very beginning. I want to be sure that no matter what changes occur, we stay focused on our mission.

No report necessary this week as the report would be something along the lines of "getting back into the swing" so just focused on getting everyone back into the swing of things.

College Goal SC

Check in with the schools to be sure their plans for College Goal are moving forward. Everyone has had a CHE training and should be ready to go, but make sure anything they need clarification on is taken care of. Need the programs to go well. I will send out a communication this week to the non GEAR UP sites and will include the coaches and you guys on the communication.

College Application Month end of Event Reports

Make sure the SCGU schools have done their end of event reports for CAM. We have personnel in the school to work directly with the Guidance office, so we really have no excuses for not having the reports in on time.

Decision Day

Decision Day plans should also be in the works. We are purposely not giving a template of what should occur on that day because we want to see what the schools come up with. Remember, as with most of our initiatives, we will serve as the dry run for the entire state. I will likely be contacting some of you for some ideas and help, so get started on the plans for May now.

Capacity Building

* Everyone should have flights booked already.

* Vickie is going to check with Susan on a room for the after conference meetings, which look like they may be able to start around 3:30 or 4:00 so that looks promising

* Regionals will present at the after conference meeting on Monday, Jomia on Tuesday. I'd like your presentations as soon as possible to give them a once over.

GC Meeting

January 20 - TCL

I'll send out the agenda next week some time. Make sure the coaches know to be on time.

Objectives for 2015-16

The SCGU Grant objectives for 11th grade will be that 1) At least 25% of our cohort will have passed at least 2 math courses above Algebra by the end of 11th grade; 2) 80% of our students will pass U.S. History by the end of 11th grade.

Remember, the success of the SC GEAR UP Grant will be judged on three things:

1) Did your GU cohort graduate high school at a higher rate than the non GU cohorts?

2) Did your GU cohort enroll at a post-secondary institution at a higher rate than the non GU cohorts?

3) How prepared to succeed were our GU cohort when they arrived at college?


Please make sure the survey's are in from the schools, parents and teachers. We will have the APR before we know it and I need to not have to worry about surveys

Summer Programming

This is just a reminder to start thinking about what this summer looks like. Are we doing COMPASS? Dual Credit? Some other type of program that benefits students and gets them engaged? Start thinking about it now, as we will be planning with more focus and direction as we move forward.


We got the majority of the Q4's signed and downstairs before the Holiday. If we are waiting on information from you or the schools, that's probably the only reason they haven't happened yet.

College Access/Social Media Update

The SC GEAR UP Facebook and Twitter are now both up!!!! Please have the coaches encourage students to like and follow SC GEAR UP on social media. We can do better on Twitter and certainly on Facebook.

Don't forget about the newsletters as well!