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What is MissedIt?

How often do you miss information in a class or two? Are you tired of having to figure out all the work and information you missed in these classes? The 2016 local technovation team is in the process of creating an application to solve that problem. With the app MissedIt, students will be able to collaborate with peers about the information for each specific class. They have the option to ask a question and answer a question about a class they are enrolled in. They also have the option to post additional links, photos, and videos.
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Spread the Word!

MissedIt is a great way to help students get caught up with their schoolwork whether they were absent, tired, or confused. It is by students, for the students. By providing peer communication, academic support, and a quick and easy design that anyone can use, MissedIt helps students who struggle with missing information in school.


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