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April 2023


Getting Ready for Exams

It's April ... that means it's time to turn our attention to IB exam preparation. Students have submitted all internal assessments (IAs). Now we focus on being best prepared for external assessments, or what the IB calls "papers." Students will complete all exams in the Norclay Building (across the street from the football field). Most exams take place during school hours with the exception of the English papers on May 4, and the Math papers on the afternoon of May 8 and 9, and History on May 10. Students will not be finished until after 3:00 on those days and will need transportation home. The calendar below identifies each paper that will be given, as well as the date/time of day. Students will meet with Mrs. Nessa and Dr. Lower on April 4 (seniors) or April 19 (juniors and course students), to go through all of the testing details. We will also hold an optional virtual meeting for all parents on April 20 at 6:00 to address how to best support your student through exams. More details are below.

We are excited to see this group of students show all they've learned!

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IB Parent Meeting - Preparing for Exams

Save the date for April 20, at 6:00 pm! We will spend about 30 minutes going over exam details for parents of all students taking exams. We will finish the meeting with other important events and details for IB seniors. Click here to join the meeting. An email reminder will also be sent out the week of the meeting with the link to join.
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Important Upcoming Events for Seniors

As we near the end of second semester, some very important dates for seniors are coming up. We wanted to keep you informed of some important events in the life of your IB Senior.

  • April 14 - Service Learning Portfolio Due (CP)
  • April 26- IB Senior Celebration
  • April 28 - CAS Portfolio Due (DP)
  • April 28 - Language Development Project Due (CP)
  • May 1 - Decision Day
  • May 2-19 - IB Exams (Norclay Building)
  • May 11 - Last Day for Seniors
  • May 17 - NKCHS Graduation

How Students Earn the IB Diploma and the IB Career-related Certificate

This is a question we are often asked. It's pretty simply answered, but can also be quite complicated due to a variety of additional minimal performance level requirements.


Candidates must complete IB coursework in 6 different areas of study, 3 at higher level (HL) and 3 at standard level (SL). Students are scored on their internal and external assessments in each of those courses on a scale from 1-7. Their total score in the 6 courses must total at least 24 points. In addition, students must meet the following requirements:

  • Satisfactory completion of TOK (grade of A-D)
  • Satisfactory completion of CAS (all 7 learning outcomes achieved)
  • Satisfactory completion of the Extended Essay (grade of A-D)
  • Higher level course scores must total 12 points or higher
  • Standard level course scores must total 9 points or higher
  • No higher level course score can be lower than a 3
  • No score of 1 can be earned in any course
  • No more than 2 scores of 2 awarded
  • No more than 3 scores of 3 awarded


Candidates must complete coursework in at least 2 different areas of study, one spanning two years. Students are scored on their internal and external assessments in each of those courses on a scale from 1-7. Students must also complete two years of a career-related study. In order to earn the certificate, students must meet the following requirements:

  • Earn a 3 or above in two of their IB courses
  • Satisfactory completion of the Career-related study (external assessment)
  • Satisfactory completion of Personal and Professional Skills
  • Satisfactory completion of Reflective Project (grade of A-D)
  • Satisfactory completion of Language Development
  • Satisfactory completion of Service Learning (all 5 learning outcomes achieved)

Dealing with the Stress of IB Exam Season

At the IB Retreat in September, our library media specialist, Ms. Thomas, took the students through a session on mindfulness. She shared with them strategies they could use any time they faced a challenge. During this stressful time, I encourage you to remind your student of these strategies.
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IB Senior Dinner

We will honor all IBDP and IBCP seniors on Wednesday, April 26, at our annual IB Dinner. The event will begin with dinner, catered by Cascone's, in the NKCHS cafeteria at 6:00pm and end with a recognition program in the auditorium. We expect to finish by 8:30pm. Each IB student will be individually recognized and is invited to bring up to two family members with them. Students were provided more information at the IB Senior meeting that took place on Tuesday, April 4.
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Working to Make Exam Scores Mean More in Missouri!

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A group of IB students and educators from NKCHS traveled to Jefferson City on March 29, to advocate on behalf of all IB students in favor of HB 1173. We couldn’t be prouder of the students who went along to support and even provide testimony in front of the House Committee on Higher Education.

This experience was one of those “core memories” for each of us. Exploring the Capitol Building (special access granted by Mr. Skaggs), being introduced on the House floor, hanging out in the House Lounge (photo above), and meeting representatives from across our state was just the beginning! The testimonies of the students were absolutely PERFECT and could not have been better received by the committee. The members who spoke expressed tremendous support of MO public colleges/universities granting credit for IB exam scores of a 4 or above, some even saying we should do more! We can’t wait to see where this bill that Representative Maggie Nurrenbern (former NKCHS educator) sponsored ends up and what that will mean for IB students across our state!

If you’d like to watch the hearing, click the link below. You will select “Archive Video” from the menu on the left and scroll down to click on “Higher Education” on March 29. I also put out quite a few posts on Twitter (#IBNKC) as each student testified if you’d like a glimpse into the hearing room.

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