The 6 traits of writing

By Seth Moore


You should always choose a topic that interests you and fits your assignment. Also include details such as facts,examples,and details.


Have a topic sentence (green), main ideas (yellow), details (red) and conclusion (green)


Write like you speak to keep people interested and show rather then tell.

Word choice

Use specific nouns and verbs, exciting adverbs or adjectives, and use a thesaurus.

Sentence fluency

Use a variety of sentences and lengths. Combine short, choppy , sentences into longer smoother sentences.


Use evaluation sheet for revision, and edit using cops
The Writing Process

Writing process

Brainstorming is when he or she thinks out loud and jots stuff down. Prewriting is when you write down your t-table. Composing is when you do your rough draft. Evaluation is when you go through and write down number of sentences you have and spelling. Revision is when you look for errors. Editing is when you go back and find big mistakes and correct them. Lastly, publishing is when you summit it.

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Write tools

The core four topic sentences are simple statement, number statement, question, and situation stance.Transitions are words you put on your main idea sentences. Details are good words you put in sentences to make it better. Conclusion sentences go at the end of your paragraph and finish your paragraph. Last but not least color scheme. Color scheme is red, yellow, and green.