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  • Brackenridge Tract Position Statement by W.A.N.G.
  • W.A.N.G. Monthly Meeting Minutes for JAN
  • Austin History Center - Know your District History
  • W.A.N.G Monthly Meeting Minutes for DEC
  • WANG Annual Social / Meeting Summary
  • WANG Board & City Council Contact info
  • Neighborhood Real Estate Stats - December12, 2018
  • Texas A&M AgriLife Extension - Drain Flies
  • Letters to the Board -


Tuesday, Feb. 5th, 6:30pm

2901 Enfield Road

Austin, TX

Please join us this month at the

Lions Municipal Golf Course Clubroom

To get an item on the Agenda, send email to President@WestAustinNG.com

(Our meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month!)

Optional RSVP below if you would like to let us know you are planning to attend and receive an agenda as it becomes available (usually the day of the meeting)

RSVPs are enabled for this event.


Brackenridge Tract Position Statement

West Austin Neighborhood Group

Having heard from stakeholders through public testimony, surveys and numerous meetings over the years, the West Austin Neighborhood Group Executive Committee advocates the following position.

Primary Objectives:

  • Lions Municipal Golf Course shall be acquired by the City of Austin as dedicated parkland, and preserved for its historical significance.

  • The Brackenridge Development Agreement shall be renewed and extended without any increase to entitlements and

  • The Biological Field Lab should be preserved in order to support the academic mission of the University of Texas. If a portion of this tract is developed, limitations should be no greater than those applied to the Colorado Apartment Tract and Brackenridge Apartment Tract in the Brackenridge Development Agreement.

Guiding Propositions:

Any potential redevelopment of the Brackenridge Tract:

  • Must preserve its invaluable urban greenspace and its remarkable trees;

  • Must preserve waterfront land and recognize the City of Austin’s Waterfront Overlay;

  • Should not increase traffic in the Tarrytown and Deep Eddy neighborhoods;(If additional traffic volumes are generated as a result of redevelopment, such traffic should be directed away from our existing residential neighborhoods. There should be no street access to such redevelopment along Enfield Road between Lake Austin Boulevard and Exposition Boulevard that would promote the use of adjacent and nearby neighborhood streets as arteries.)

  • Should comply with all City of Austin codes and ordinances as well as its zoning and land use regulations in effect as of January 1, 2019; and

  • Should be limited to and not exceed the parameters established by the 1989 Brackenridge Tract Development Agreement negotiated in good faith by the University of Texas Systems, the City of Austin and the Austin community.

Specific Tracts:

  • The Lions Municipal Golf Course (141.38 Acres) which was granted a Texas Historical Marker for its early desegregation in January, 2009, and listed on the National Register of Historic Places in July, 2016, should be acquired by the City of Austin utilizing any available means including cash and non-cash alternatives and leveraging private philanthropic support.

  • The Colorado Apartment Tract and Brackenridge Apartment Tract (74.24 Acres) which currently provide 515 affordable housing units to graduate students, if redeveloped, should be done so at a level and in a manner that does not exceed the terms of the 1989 Brackenridge Tract Development Agreement for non-university purposes.

  • The Biological Field Lab Tract (81.97 Acres), should be preserved for continued research, and for its irreplaceable geographic and environmental history, but if redeveloped, should be at a level and in a manner that does not exceed the terms of the 1989 Brackenridge Tract Development Agreement for redevelopment of the Colorado Apartment Tract and Brackenridge Apartment Tract for non-University purposes.

  • The Deep Eddy Tract (16.42 Acres) that includes the Gables Apartments, CVS Pharmacy and 7 Eleven should be redeveloped at a level and in a manner that does not exceed the terms of the 1989 Brackenridge Tract Development Agreement for non-university purposes and in such a way as to maximize the protection of the Deep Eddy neighborhood adjacent by mitigating the potential for related cut-through traffic and overflow parking. Further, any new construction should transition away from the residential portion of the adjacent neighborhood.

  • The Boat Town Tract (2.58 Acres) including Oyster Landing should remain unchanged.

  • The Park Street Tract (13.21 Acres) that includes the LCRA and ancillary surface parking should remain unchanged, unless sufficient free public parking remains on site to meet the parking demand of the Boat Town Tract as well as any additional development.

  • The Randall’s Tract (2.64 Acres) should be redeveloped at a level and in a manner that does not exceed the terms of the 1989 Brackenridge Tract Development Agreement for non-university purposes.

  • The WAYA Tract (14.56 Acres) should be acquired by WAYA for its continued use and operation as an asset to the Austin community.
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WANG Minutes

January 8, 2019

Lions Municipal Golf Club

I. Call to Order – 6:40
Present: Reed, Edwards, Basciano, Kyle, Harris, Cannatti, Bennett, Tollett
Absent: Lill

II. Approval of Dec minutes – unanimous (Kyle abstaining)

III. Land Matters

A. 2608 W 7th (Maudie’s, Twin Liquors, Goodwill)

i. Joe Draker made a brief presentation to the Board concerning his proposal to expand Maudie’s as well as other changes to the shopping center located at Lake Austin Blvd, 7th Street, Newman Dr., and Norwalk Ln. Twin Liquors is also expanding to about 4200 sq. ft., and Goodwill is moving out. See Conceptual Plans below

ii. Twin Liquors’ owners are handling any zoning changes that may be required.

iii. Joe Draker (Maudie’s) has submitted site plan to city and expects approval any day. Maudie’s square footage will increase from 2300 to 4900 sq ft. Maudie’s will also operate its catering service from Norwalk side of the building.

iv. The WANG Board was not asked to take any action because no zoning change has been filed with the City.

B. 3307 Jamesborough – Neighbors are concerned about renovations being made to this lot. Because the renovation does not require any variances, no Board action is required. The primary concern is runoff and flooding. Arnold suggested checking the floodplain maps, which may affect the setback line.

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IV. Neighborhood Communications

A. W 35th St. Additional Curb Proposal (Dennis Petrash, Westwood Country Club; Kathleen Loughlin, The Contemporary) – The proposed curb will reduce erosion and formalize parking. Currently, parking along 35th street is not safe. Westwood CC will pay for curb. The plan will eliminate parking on north side of street, and parking will be allowed farther north along 35th St. The sidewalk, to be completed this Spring, will start at Mayfield park and continue along the street to Laguna Gloria. Sidewalk starts at Mayfield and will go all the way along. 35th Street will be repaved as soon as the sidewalk is finished.

There are no improvements proposed for street drainage below Mount Bonnell. The City is not receptive to storm drainage. The water treatment plant has ejected carbon black from in the past, which is a concern.

MOTION by Harris, second by Bennett: WANG will not oppose the placement of curb on the west side of west 35th St. We also recommend addressing the need for additional drainage and filtering.

Opposed: none

In favor: unanimous

B. Interest in joining board – Brady Pedneau. Pedneau is an electrical engineer at Samsung. He is a native Austinite who shares our interest in preserving the neighborhood. The Board agreed to consider him joining the Board for the next meeting.

II. Transportation – Harris confirmed that the sound wall is in latest stages of completion.

III. Membership – Bennett reported that new memberships are coming in.

IV. Newsletter

A. Bennett sent out draft newsletter this evening. The Board agreed to have a combined Dec/Jan newsletter.

B. Brackenridge Tract Position Statement – Reed circulated a proposed statement for input.

C. Suggested adding information to current newsletter addressing the Maudie’s/Twin Liquors expansion.

D. Deadline for submitting our position statement on the Brackenridge Tract is 2/28/19.

E. For print newsletter, need advertising.

V. Old Business

A. Brackenridge Tract

i. Discussion of position statement

ii. New Council is stacked against us

iii. RFPs that came in were very lucrative, indicating that Muny is more valuable than previously thought.

iv. Austin Chronicle article in favor of full development of Muny

v. New basketball stadium is probably will take over Red River, taking that option off the table as leverage


A. Austin Strategic Mobility Plan – comments due soon. Policy: increased density within ¼ m. of traffic corridor.

B. Housing Blueprint – calls for more density.

C. ANC retreat this weekend. Definition of “urban corridor” – Exposition, Enfield, Westover, that go through neighborhood.

MOTION: (Harris) renew ANC membership

2nd: (Kyle)

Aye: unanimous

XI. Treasurer’s Report

a. Operating: $7385.83

b. July 4th: $405.41

c. Oak Wilt: $1208.75

XII. Save Muny -- Forever Green tournament 4/20/19

XIII. Adjourn: 8:15pm


Austin History Center

On behalf of the Austin History Center and Austin Public Library, we are all thrilled to announce an exciting, interactive "Know Your District History" Series upcoming for everyone throughout the City of Austin.

The first event for this series - for District 1 - originally had been scheduled to take place this Saturday at Carver Library. However, with respect to the memorial events occurring this Saturday for the late Richard Overton, the AHC has postponed the District 1 event until a later time. The full series schedule is provided at the end of this email.

If you would like to know about and attend the Saturday memorial services for the late Richard Overton, the link below from legacy.com contains the schedule of events, on the left side of the webpage.

Richard Overton 1906 - 2018

Not listed at the link above is that there is a memorial public viewing Friday from noon-7pm at Cook Walden Funeral Home 6100 North Lamar.


In 2014, the City of Austin dramatically changed how it governed, returning to a system where elected officials represented citizens from a single district. This process created 10 districts citywide that, though new, had some distinct historical characteristics and stories. The Austin History Center, Austin Public Library, invites you to come learn more about the history of your district in this upcoming "Know Your District History" series starting in February. The full schedule is listed below and these vents are free and open to the public.

Share your story! The centerpiece for the Know Your District History event is a Pop Up Museum - a community driven display of items you feel tell the story of your district. Everyone's story is important, and community members are encouraged to bring an object to share in the pop up. Those who bring something to display will be able to write a brief story about the object and display it during the event for others to view. Sharing our stories will help us learn more about each other and what makes our spaces special. The community exhibit will be supplemented by a few items from the Austin History Center relating to the district as well as some resources to help those who wish to dig deeper into the history of their district.


* An oral history booth for community members to record short, Story Corps style oral histories about their experiences

* Children's activities and games

* Recycled Reads mini-book sale

* Historic Photograph Cabinet Card activity

* Brief presentations about the council district and its history

* Customized bookmark about the specific district

This series is partially underwritten by Austin History Center Association.

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS (all events 12pm-4pm)

  • District 2: February 16, 2019. Southeast Branch Library
  • District 3: March 2, 2019. Ruiz Branch Library
  • District 4: April 13, 2019. Little Walnut Branch Library
  • District 5: May 18, 2019. Manchaca Road Branch Library
  • District 6: June 8, 2019. Spicewood Springs Branch Library
  • District 7: July 13, 2019. North Village Branch Library
  • District 8: August 10, 2019. Hampton Branch at Oak Hill
  • District 9: September 22, 2019. Austin History Center
  • District 10: October 19, 2019. Old Quarry Branch Library
  • District 1: TBD, Carver Branch Library

For more information on the event series, please call 512-974-7480

About The Austin History Center....

The mission of the Austin History Center Association is to help the community value our past and build a better future - by supporting the Austin History Center to achieve excellence in its efforts to serve as the collective memory of Austin and Travis County.



Portal to Texas History

Portal to Texas History - Browse on-line photos from the Austin History Center

Austin History Center Photo Portal

Who remembers 2J Hamburgers ? ......

see all the other photos and more from the 40's, 50's, & 60's' - click on the photo portal


WANG DECEMBER 2018 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes - DEC '18



Tuesday, December 4, 2018, 6:30 p.m.,

at The Contemporary Austin/Laguna Gloria Villa.

I. Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 6:35 PM by President Holly Reed. Board members in attendance included: Mary Arnold, Joyce Basciano, August Harris, Haidar Khazen and Blake Tollett. Board members Elizabeth Adams, Joe Bennett, Mike Cannatti, George Edwards, Cathy Kyle and Craig Lill were not in attendance. Neighbors in attendance included Maureen Adair, Laney Henley, Samuel Hertenburger, Sara Madera, Brady Pedneau and Pete Wassdorf.

II. Approval of Minutes:

The October 2, 2018 Meeting Minutes were approved unanimously.

III. Neighbor Communications:

A. Pete Wassdorf expressed concern that the construction project 2303 at Quarry Rd. may be exceeding the height limits set by the McMansion Ordinance. There is also concern that the project may exceed the Floor-to-Area Ratio.

B. 706 Upson St. Construction—no report.

IV. Land Matters:

A. 3004 Bonnie Rd: A newly constructed fence is being inspected by Code Compliance as it exceeds the City’s height restriction.

B. 2608 West 7th St (Maudie’s, Goodwill, Twin Liquors development).: This shopping center submitted plans for interior renovation and re-orientation of the businesses. Maudie’s Restaurant will be expanding its facilities, and a zoning change is needed to move Twin Liquors to the west side of the center. Neighbors expressed concern over a request for reduction in parking, as this may overflow into the surrounding neighborhood. President Holly Reed will invite Maudie’s owner, Mr. Draker, to the January 8th, 2019 WANG meeting. She moved to ask the City of Austin to postpone an administrative decision on the site plan pending a visit from Mr. Draker. Mary Arnold seconded the motion. Motion unanimously approved..

C. 1503 Forest Trail demolition has been postponed to December 17th. The property doesn’t qualify for Landmark designation.

V. Transportation:

August Harris reported that scooters may be permitted on Johnson Creek Trail. Cap Metro’s Project Connect staff is doing Council District meetings. Council Member Alter has asked the Mayor and City Manager for funds to do a traffic study in West Austin. President Holly Reed will send a letter to City Manager Cronk, Mayor Adler, Transportation Department Director Rob Spillar in support of Council Member Alter’s request for a traffic study.

VI. Membership:

In the absence of WANG Membership Chair, Joe Bennett, no report was given.

VII. Newsletter:

The next newsletter will feature a reports on the Brackenridge Tract and MUNY Golf Course. Newsletter content is due by December 14th.

VIII. ANC Liaison Report:

Joyce Basciano reminded the Board to renew WANG’s ANC membership. Patricia King is the new ANC president.

IX. Treasurer’s Report:

In the absence of WANG Treasurer, George Edwards, no report was given.

X. Old Business:

A. August Harris gave an update on the status of the Brackenridge Tract. He will write a new Statement of WANG’s Position on the Brackenridge Tract development issue, with contributions from the Board.

B. Mary Arnold gave a brief history and an update on the MUNY Golf Course situation.

C. City Manager Spencer Cronk is designing a new Land Development Code process. At present, there have been no reports on his progress.

XI. New Business:

A. Suggestions for 2019 meeting spaces were considered.

B. Next meeting will be on Tuesday, January 8th 2019 at 6:30 PM at Lions Municipal Golf Course Clubhouse.

XII. Adjourn: The meeting was adjourned by President Holly Reed at 8:20 PM.


JOIN W.A.N.G.*Help support the neighborhood click here

Please mail application and check to: West Austin Neighborhood Group PO Box 5722 Austin, TX 78763-5722 Annual Memberships (Nov 1-Oct 31) $50-Friend Level; $100-PATRON Level; $150PatronPlus $30-FAMILY Level; $15-SENIOR Level; $250-BENEFACTOR Level



by Holly Reed

The West Austin Neighborhood Group held its Annual Meeting on Sunday, October 21st at the historic Lions Municipal Golf Course Clubhouse. After weeks of rain, we were blessed with beautiful sunny weather, and opted to have the meeting outdoors on the Clubhouse patio.

Neighbors gathered to join W.A.N.G. or renew their memberships, and enjoy burgers and fries provided by Cow Bells’ trailer. Surrounded by youth golf teams practicing on the range and putting greens, we were reminded of our mission to save this iconic part of Austin from being destroyed forever. “Muny” as Lions Municipal Golf Course is known in Austin, was founded in 1924, and became the first public golf course in the south to desegregate. It received a Texas Historical Landmark in 2009, and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2016. People throughout Austin have worked tirelessly over the years to help preserve Muny from being closed and the land developed, before its lease from the University of Texas expires in May of 2019.

District 10 Council Member Alison Alter told neighbors in attendance that the City of Austin and the University of Texas were currently in negotiations regarding Muny, but nothing had been agreed upon and the deadline for sending a letter of cancellation of the current Brackenridge Development Agreement was approaching rapidly. She advised all present to vote in FAVOR of the Parks Bond (Prop C,) in the November 2nd bond election. If approved this would designate money for parkland acquisition, which could be earmarked for the purchase of Muny by the City. CM Alter also encouraged neighbors to vote in favor of Prop A, Affordable Housing, and Prop J, which would require a city wide vote to approve any comprehensive changes to the Land Development Code. Council Member Alter answered questions from neighbors after she spoke.

President Cathy Kyle spoke to the neighbors about W.A.N.G.’s accomplishments during 2018. At the conclusion of the meeting an election for the W.A.N.G. Board of Directors was held. Board Members elected included Mary Arnold, Elizabeth Adams, Joyce Basciano, Joseph Bennett, Michael Cannatti, George Edwards (Treasurer,) August Harris, Haidar Khazen, Craig Lill and Blake Tollett (Secretary.) Board Member Holly Reed will take over duties as President in December, and Cathy Kyle will continue on the Board as our Past-President.

The West Austin Neighborhood Group Board would like to thank all the neighbors who attended the Annual Meeting, and extend special thanks to those who joined W.A.N.G. by becoming members or renewing membership. Your support will help W.A.N.G. achieve its ongoing mission to preserve and protect the integrity of our beautiful neighborhoods for generations to come.


WANG Board of Directors & Committee Members

Organized 1973......"To preserve our neighborhood and protect it from deterioration"

Board of Directors

All Current Members (click on name to send email)

Honorary Committee Members


Updated with New Members


Contact your City Council Representatives:

(click on name to send email)

Email All of the Council: Entire Council and Mayor




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by Wizzie Brown, BCE

Drain flies are small brownish-grey insects with two wings. They have fuzzy wings and bodies and when at rest, the wings are folded over the body making them look like tiny moths. This is why they are sometimes called moth flies.

Drain flies may be seen in kitchens and bathrooms near sinks or tubs. They tend to be more active in the evening. Female flies lay eggs in the thin film of organic matter that builds up on the inside of drain pipes. Larvae develop in the slime layer, feeding on fungi and other microorganisms.

Unfortunately, targeting adult drain flies will only temporarily solve the problem. To manage drain flies, the source should be located and treated to reduce the population of developing flies. To track down where the flies are coming from, place tape over one side (don’t cover the drain completely) of drains in sinks and tubs before you go to bed. In the morning, check tape for flies that emerged during the night to find out which drain(s) is/ are infested.

Once the drain is located, take a stiff brush and scrub the inside of the drain, following up by flushing the drain with boiling water. There is no need to treat the drain with bleach or ammonia. It may take several days to see a reduction of the adult flies once the drain has been cleaned; you have to allow the emerging adult drain flies to die. If you have drains that you cannot access to clean, there are biogels that consume the organic matter where they larvae develop. Read and follow all label instructions.

For more information or help with identification, contact Wizzie Brown, Texas AgriLife Extension Service Program Specialist

Wizzie Brown, BCE



My Blogs: http://urban-ipm.blogspot.com/


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UrbanIPM/

Instagram: urbanipm, Twitter: @UrbanIPM

This work is supported by Crops Protection and Pest Management Competitive Grants Program [grant no. 2017-70006-27188 /project accession no. 1013905] from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture.



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Austin Half Marathon 5K

February 17, 2019 * 7am Sunday

The Austin Marathon time limits are set to provide the safest and most positive race day experience. Participants in all distances will need to be able to maintain the average pace per mile in order to stay ahead of the streets being re-opened.

Austin Marathon = 7 hours (16 minute pace)

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These times make sure that runners are protected from vehicular traffic and have the support they need to successfully complete the race. Review the traffic guide and map for estimated times of roads reopening.

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