Technology at LV

By Molly FitzGerald

Typing Web

  • I learned how to type faster.
  • It helped me form good typing habits.
  • I think doing it everyday helped me get way better than I was at the first part of the year.
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  • I learned how to make a trailer with a good theme.
  • Typing Web helped me learn stuff with the text.
  • I think it really helped me pick a theme for my ITrailers in the future.
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Haiku Deck

  • I learned how to add pictures.
  • Haiku Deck helped me make a good presentation.
  • I think I will use this future presentation.
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Explain Everything

  • I learned how to talk in a presentation.
  • Explain Everything helped me show the math problem.
  • I think it was really easy and nice to use.
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Carrer Locker

  • I learned what happens in different types of jobs.
  • Carrer Locker helped me figure out what job I want to do.
  • I think it really help me see what type of jobs are options in the future.

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  • I learned how to place code.
  • Code helped me really think hard about how to figure the code out.
  • I think code helped my thinking in a lot of different ways.
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