"The Turtle And The Lion"

Once upon a time there was a turtle and he was board. The turtle decided he wanted to go far away from home. So he was trotting along and it was night, he couldn't see anything. All of the sudden he thought he saw something so he jumped into his shell and started sliding down somewhere. So he peeked his head out and realized he was headed straight for a river. He tried to stop himself but he couldn't. Then out of nowhere a lion jumped out and saved him. The next morning he gave great thanks to the lion. So that day the same lion that saved him was in danger. The turtle said to himself he saved me so I half to help save him. So the turtle dashed to where the lion was and saw a man about to kill the lion. The turtle ran as fast as he could, jumped, and went into his shell and hit the man right in the leg. The lion was saved.


What goes around comes around.