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October Update

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Serve United Activation Meeting Report

Serve United's quarterly Activation Meeting on August 18th at Real Life Church Artisan Campus was a resourceful and impactful time for all! Church, school and organization representatives met to talk about raising the quality and quantity of church school partnerships in the region. A testimony from Fremont Presbyterian Church's long term engagement with Earl Warren was shared as well as resources from Kid's Club Consultants, Sacramento Chaplaincy, Art Docent Program, New Hope Community Development Corporation, City of Refuge Sacramento, and 3 Strands Global. The theme of the night was how to serve families and schools around the cause issues of Education and Sexual Integrity.

Are you the person or do you know the person who is helping your church connect with local schools? Or get mobilized into community projects and partnerships? The activation meetings are for you! Please Save the Date for our next Serve United Activation Meeting happening on October 20th from 6:30-8:30pm at New Life Community Church. Register HERE!

Sweatshirt Program RCHQ

Community Resource: Sweatshirt Program

It's officially Fall and sweatshirt weather! But some kids that attend our local schools don't have enough warm clothing to feel comfortable during the fall and winter months. Churches are meeting the needs of kids without warm clothing with a very simple idea: A Sweatshirt Program! Watch the video above to see how it works. For every school sweatshirt bought by a church member, two are donated to the school. A Sweatshirt Program promotes unity within the student body and provides a wardrobe staple for kids so they can stay warm and fit in even if their families have limited clothing budgets. And, on the church side, it promotes "buy-in" of the church–school partnership and encourages members to serve.

You can engage with a local clothing company of your choice, or choose Righteous Clothing, a company that offers a "buy one, get two free" deal to every church in the United States that is serving a public school. Check out their designs and selection here. Find out more information including a step by step guide to implement a sweatshirt program here

Stories of Service: Back to School Celebration for Refugees

On August 13th, the Arab American Learning Center hosted a back to school celebration for refugee students and their families. This event was made possible by 10 different churches who partnered with the Arab American Learning Center to provide backpacks and school supplies for 425 refugee students. For many of these students, it is their first year attending school in the US. [see more]