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Updates from Room 124: Issue 2

ATTENTION: Important Date Change!

The Rising 9th Grade Field Trip date has been changed from April 30 to Monday, April 28, leaving at Liberty by 8:35. With the auditorium program and brief tour, we should be back at Liberty by 10:45.

What We've Been Up To...


Thank you for viewing my newsletter! I hope you all had a great spring break.

Last week, we began our play writing unit. Students are using Google Drive to collaboratively write the script which they will perform in May. This process is so fascinating to facilitate. Students are in charge of making all of the creative decisions, and I am so impressed by their creativity and problem solving skills. I hope you will make plans to be in attendance when they perform on May 20. See the event below for performance times.

Several of our students auditioned for JCHS Theatre in March. I am happy to announce that many of our students placed into intermediate drama, and some are even going to start off in advanced drama and advanced production drama! It takes so much courage to audition, especially in front of a room full of high schoolers and teachers, so I am extremely proud of these future Jets!

In the weeks to come, we will continue writing our play and then we will begin rehearsing it. Feel free to check out our scripts- your child can access his/her script online from home.

I am so impressed with this group of students. I have been beyond blessed to teach such sweet and talented kids this year. Thank you so much for all that you do.

As always, e-mail me with any concerns that you may have.

Courtney Elrod

LMS Drama Play Performances

Tuesday, May 20th, 9:45am

Room 124 at Liberty Middle

Performance Times:

3rd period 9:45 AM

4th period 10:40 AM

5th period 12:00 PM

6th period 12:50 PM

7th period 1:40 PM


4.18 Half Day for Students

4.28 Field trip to JCHS for Rising 9th grade orientation

5.1-5.2 ASPIRE Test for 8th grade

5.13-5.14 End of Course Test for Alg. 1 students

5.15 Awards Day (AM) and Powder Puff Football (PM)

5.19 Play Dress Rehearsal (during class time)

5.20 Play Performances (during class time)

5.22-5.23 Finals (5.23 is a half day)