Waldman Knee-pads

Pain is Not the Game!

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Waldman Knee-Pads will stop the pain so you can play your game!

All of you volleyball players out there, are you tired of those painful strawberries on your knees? Well then Waldman Knee-pads are the answer to your prayers! Waldman Knee-pads are designed with new technology to stop the burning sensation underneath your knee-pad so you can play your best. Underneath the knee-pad we have placed a hyper-absorbent pad that acts as a band-aid to those painful strawberries, stoping the pain.

Where can you find Waldman Knee-Pads?

You can find Waldman Knee-Pads in store at Dicks Sporting Goods, Academy, and Sports Authority.

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Contact Information

Email: waldmankneepads@gmail.com

Cell Phone: 867-5309