Lenin's April Theses

Bolshevik support grows

Lenin returns

On his journey back to Russia from Exile , Lenin came up with the ' April Theses'. Most of the members were not impressed also many Bolsheviks did not agree at first but later came around to Lenin's view when the provisional government fell apart.

From the moment of his return through late October 1917, Lenin worked for a single goal: to place Russia under Bolshevik control as quickly as possible. The immediate effect of Lenin’s attitude, however, was to alienate most other prominent Socialists in the city. Members of the Petrograd Soviet, and even many members of Lenin’s own party, wrote Lenin off as an anarchist quack who was too radical to be taken seriously

some of the mains points from the April Theses were:

Withdrawal from the war

All land to be owned by the state and run by the peasants on communal farms

No co-operation with the provisional government

Work towards government by the people not a parliament , with no police or central bureaucracy.