A Look Into The Past

By: Leah Delac & Shakoria Davis

Dahlonega Gold Rush

The Dahlonega Gold Rush was discovered in the year of 1829. Dahlonega is a city located in Lumpkin County. Also known as North Georgia. At one point in time, Georgia passed a law that placed Cherokee land under state control and, said that the Cherokee could not speak against white men in court. In December of 1829, a second law was passed stating that the Cherokee had no right to mine gold in Dahlonega, as a result, the Cherokee lost legal rights, homes, and even more land.

Trail of Tears

In the 1830's, white settlers stepped foot on Cherokee land and declared that the Cherokee leave their homes. They also said they would take the Natives to a better place. The settlers placed the Cherokee's in stockades while they went and captured as many other Cherokee's they possibly could. They gathered up aproximately 16,542 Cherokee's. Some escaped into the North Carolina Mountains, but others walked the 700-800 mile walk.

Leah Delac & Shakoria Davis