Lucy's Library Blast

October 17, 2016

Scholastic Book Fair Info to Share With Your Students - PLEASE Read Aloud

  • Students may not bring bags or wearing coats or any heavy clothing that could hide something from the fair.
  • Only students with at least $1 will be allowed inside the fair. If you bring your class and they do not have money, they can get on the computers or read in the comfy area.
  • Students will be required to show their receipt upon leaving the fair (think Costco).
  • Tax is NOT included but should be calculated in when kids are making their purchases.
  • I do not do returns unless there is a mighty good reason.
  • I cannot hold items for students.
  • If an item is not available at the Fair, kids can go online at and locate our school and place orders, which will be delivered to their home.
  • We are offering a presale for the newest Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Double Down, for $8.99 plus tax. Copies will be delivered to the school as soon as the book is published on November 1st.
  • During the week of the Fair, the Maker Space is NOT open.
  • I also will not be checking books out.

For Teachers only:

Wifi Connectivity Issues for iPads

For a "quick" fix you could take each iPad and remove the old cert. Do this from Settings-->General-->Profiles

Then you could access the schools.mnpsk12-wifi

However, each one would have to manually signed into for connectivity.

If you want to do an entire cart, Craig Parnell will be here on the 29th. Please have your cart in the library on the 28th. Thanks.

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Let's face it...stress is alive and well in our lives.

Whether it's

  • parent-teacher conferences
  • technology issues
  • deadlines
  • rapidly approaching holidays
  • politicians

we all have stressors and so do our students. Take a moment to check out these: