#1 worst American city to live in

By: Anvay Pethkar

San Francisco

San Francisco is located in California, and is the 4th most populated city in California, and the 14th most populated in the USA. San Francisco was founded on June 29 1776 when colonists from Spain made a fort at the Golden Gate and a operation named after St. Francis of Assisi just a few miles away.

Climate in San Francisco

San Francisco has a mild climate. During spring and fall the skies are clearer, and it rains less then normal. During the summer hot air rises in California's interior valleys which causes low pressure that draws winds from the North Pacific High through the Golden Gate, which creates cool winds and fog for the city

Famous Physical Features and Places in San Francisco

Job opportunities in San Francisco

Types of jobs

Since San Francisco has a lot of libraries there is a lot of librarians. If you like music or dance you can perform in orchestras and ballets, and you can play for professional sports teams like the San Francisco 49ers and the San Francisco Giants. You can also perform in operas and be an actress or an actor. Lastly you can be a senator or a representative.

Government in San Francisco

San Francisco was named a city on April 15th 1850 by the legislature. San Francisco's wealth mainly resides in the sprits of the citizens. San Francisco's economy lacks agriculture, coal, iron, and cattle because San Francisco is right on the bay of San Francisco so it only gets resources that are mainly near the ocean like fish and water. San Francisco's city hall is the main government body of San Francisco and is where the city and county council meet. San Francisco's government has been run by a mayor and the Board of Supervisors.

Education in San Francisco

San Francisco has a board of education that consists of seven members that are elected for 4 year terms. San Francisco ranks 21 in the USA among education level and 28th among quality of education. In San Francisco 86.6% graduate high school and only 1/4 of them become employed and go to college. Also high schools in San Francisco have ratings that are in the twenties and sixties meaning that the schools are not very well maintained

Culture in San Francisco

Compared to Montreal, San Francisco has 41.5 % of white's and only 4.3 % of Europeans or any other race. San Francisco also has less cultural buildings like how Montreal has the Notre Dame Bascilla and Notre Dame de-Bon-Secours Chapel. San Francisco has also less cultural history like Montreal does because San Francisco only has gotten its name and the gold rush that are the most important, but Montreal has history like Old Montreal, French explorers settling on the land, Native Americans, and people in Montreal are influenced by the French unlike people in San Francisco

Not fun things to do in San Francisco

San Francisco has a lot of murder and crime going on so there is less chance of people going somewhere without being robbed or mugged. Also San Francisco has lots of people that are homeless or unemployed meaning that there will be more people begging on the streets which means that there would be less fun things to do. Lastly sine there is a high risk of earthquakes people do not know that it could happen so if there is an earthquake that can lead to parks or buildings getting destroyed.




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