Baron Football Booster Meeting

Get Informed about Booster & Parent Clubs for this season!

Baron Booster and Community Meeting

Thursday, April 24th, 7pm

3424 County Road 427

Waterloo, IN

This meeting will be held in the High School Cafeteria.

Who is this meeting for?

This meeting is for any individual or organization who wished to promote the positive development of young men of DeKalb County through the game of football.


The purpose of this meeting is to educate and begin the process of building a booster club that will support DeKalb Central Community Football.

We will briefly address the offseason calendar and expectations with all high school parents to address recent concerns about communication! How communication between program and parents will also be addressed.

The main focus of this meeting is to further inform community members about the Baron Football Booster Club's pursuit of excellence! We will also nominate and elect an executive board for the newly created Baron Football Boosters. This club is not just for football parents, but for all community members who wish to have a positive impact in our community!


7:00: Meeting Begins

7:05: High School Summer Calendar and Communication Paradigm

7:15: Booster Club Vision, Purpose, and Proposed Design

7:35: Roles of President, Vice President, and Secretary

7:45: Nominate and Elect Executive Board

8:15: Continue the Pursuit of Excellence

Positions to be Nominated and Elected

The roles of President, Vice-President, and Secretary will be nominated and elected to their initial one year terms. Each serve a very important and specific role.

President: The president's role is one of organizational oversight. You are the chief executive. The president organizes the fulfillment of the mission and vision. The will also oversee membership issues and enforcement of the rules. Duties that the president will fulfill include: preside over all executive meetings, compose monthly schedule and agenda, recruitment, enforce bylaws, appoint needed committee members and committees, and act a liaison between school and club.

Vice President: The VP is essentially an executive “floater.” You will assists with the responsibilities of the President and other members as needed. Duties can include: filling in for an absent president, recruitment, committee oversight, and oversee compliance and maintenance of bylaws.

Secretary: The secretary is the central point of contact for all communications and records meeting minutes for the organization. Job duties will including recording meeting minutes, conduct meeting correspondence, keep attendance at all meetings, log all executive and club decisions, member meeting notification, and oversee compliance and maintenance of bylaws.

Are none of these positions for you? That is absolutely alright, check out other potential opportunities discussed in the first meeting from the website link below. Then come to this meeting to learn directly what you can do to get involved!

Want to know more?

For more about DeKalb Baron Football Boosters, check out our website! It can be found at

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