The Bengal Tiger

The Bengal tiger is one of the most common tigers because they live in couple different countries. The male Bengal Tigers weigh about 490 to 500 pounds and the females weigh about 310 pounds. they are carnivores and they eat meat. They can pull up to five time more than weigh.

The usually hut at night so their prey cant see them and how they kill them is they jump on them and they bite into the animal that they are hunting. Their night vision is six times stronger than humans. their roar can be heard up to two miles away. when they hut they catch enough food for several meals

The Bengal tiger and the Siberian tiger

They are both on the endanger species list.

They are both carnivores

They both live in anything that can find or else they make there own habitat

It usually takes them 128 days until the can have there littler of cubs

The usually have up to three to seven cubs in one litter or they have more than seven

Differences from the Bengal tiger and the Siberian tiger

The bengal tiger is known to eat bigger animals than the Siberian tiger

The Siberian tiger is known to eat some of the smaller animals like wild boar and Sika deer

The Siberian tiger is known to be one of the biggest tiger in the world

The bengal tiger habitat is pretty much anything they can find to live in but they prefer to live in the forest and grassland area

Killing the tigers

people have been killing tigers because they want they fur and they can make medicine out of there skin, bones, teeth, and claws. Some people hunt tigers just for sport and there fur

The loggers destroy there habitats so when the tigers come try to kill them the have to kill them

People stop from killing the tigers

The WWF had been going around to help the tigers in need and they have been taking them from their habitat and taking them to zoos and other places so they don't get killed. The have been taking care of them and they feed them and put them in homes were someone will take care of them and not kill them or harm them

How to adopt a baby tiger

First you go to the website defender of wildlife and you click adopt. Next you enter your email in and password.Then you type in your credit card information then you types how many tigers you want. Finialy you press enter and then you go pick your tiger up

People are killing tigers

People are killing tigers for there skin bones and paws and claws and teeth for chines medicine. Some people are killing them for there trophy and they get them stuffed and hang them on there walls

people are killing tigers

because the people are killing the tigers so we don't have a lot of them left in the world but people want to stoop that so the population can grow so we have more tigers in the world and in the zoo