Claire Lacina

Ceramics 1

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Vortex-Ellen Schon

This piece has a very neat and polished texture that makes it appear to look as if it was made from wood. Based on the shape and the look of this piece, i would assume that this was made in present time. I think the piece is shaped like an actual vortex. This piece i think is highly successful. The artist did a great job in smoothing out the piece and giving it and great and intriguing form and color.

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Laocoön and His Sons

This sculpture has incredible detailing in the facial features and the body features. I think this piece looks quite dated because of the cracks on the piece. The artist clearly did a great job in making this piece come to life and actually appear to look realistic. This sculpture was based off a play, that is now lost but still is a reminder and visual dedicated to the lost play and is placed in a museum in Rome. The sculpture is incredibly successful to me because of the great detail he carved into the marble.

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Bubbles The Fish

I created my whistle into a fish because I thought it would be a neat idea to bring to life and give inticate colors to. When making the whistle I had a very difficult time trying to create the correct angles to make the whistle actually work. If I could change something about my fish, I would definetly plan the eyes out a little better to give them more of a cute cartoon feel.
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I made this mug for my sisters graduation since she played varsity softball. One major problem I had with making this piece was trying to get the round softball shape, I had to continually beat on it with a ruler. My very pleased with this mug and my sister uses it everyday, although if I had to change something, I would change how the bat and make it more realistic by putting in more detail.