Experiencing and Dealing w/ Stress

Kevin Montoya

What situations might cause you to become stressed

If you're like me then these certain things might make you become stressful

  • Being late to an appointment
  • Not being able to understand the content of the subject being discussed in class
  • Not having a clue about what you have to do
  • Having to repeat yourself to someone because they haven't been paying attention and also because you have to keep repeating yourself you are wasting more time to accomplish the work
  • Lack of sleep

Some ways that your body my react towards stress

When you're stressful you might experience the following

  • Depression
  • "fight" or "flight"
  • "fight"- you will not be able to be still and you will be moving some part of your body. Ex. tapping your hangs, feet, or shaking your legs.
  • "flight" you will freeze under so much stress and not be able to respond to the situation
  • You won't understand things more clearly while under stress because you're not focusing on the subject as you should be

Consequences of being stressed

Sadly being stress not only affect us but also others

  • isolating yourself from people
  • having an outburst to someone
  • getting mad at someone when it's not their fault
  • not eating enough
  • short tempered
  • patience level low

Ways to prevent from being stress and having a negative impact on others

Ways to calm yourself down or to prevent from becoming stress are

  • if you play an instrument then lock yourself and just let the music relax you
  • if you enjoy music then listen you music that you prefer and that will calm you down
  • go out and take a walk and enjoy your quiet time with mother nature
  • have friends that will be there for you and will take your mind of whatever is making you be stressful
  • hang with someone that makes you laugh

Living with stress

We all deal with stress in our lives and no matter how much we try to avoid it, it will always find a way to creep up on us. All we can do is to be prepared for whenever we do face situations that make us stressful. Once we overcome then next time it will be far more easier. Stress is not always good for us but it does let us grow in our lives and help us find ways to deal with crisis in our lives