Monday's Fun Stuff

Alderwood 6th Grade

Talent Show

Could you remind your student that our "Talent" Show is tomorrow (no, I didn't make a mistake with the quotes)! It is a very low-key event. The only audience will be 6th graders and our buddies (maybe), and possibly the 5th graders.

Seven groups have signed up. No one has asked for any specific equipment. If your child decides he/she still wants to sign up, please email me the title of the act. Students can only perform once--we will try to fit everyone in, and will go by who signed up first. Time limit for the performance is 2-3 minutes.

Buddies Picnic

Tomorrow we will hold our 2nd annual Buddies Picnic.

1. We will be out during the first/second grade lunch with our buddies.

2. Students may want to bring a towel/blanket to sit on, as we will be on the field next to my portable.

3. Students will eat and play, and will have their regular lunch recess time. Students can choose which lunch time to actually eat, or can bring an extra snack to have during their own lunch time.

Note: I had many students ask about bringing a treat for their buddies. The problem I find is that food allergies exist! I am aware of the allergies in our room, but don't know about what issues Miss Ford's students have. Also, it is very awkward to have one student receive a great treat from his/her buddy, and not have anything for the next one. Because we are all out there together, it would be really noticeable. For these reasons, I do not want kids to bring special treats for buddies.