By: Kathryn Erskine

Summary of Mockingbird

It was sitting in the corner, unfinished with the sheet lying over it. The Eagle Project that Devon started. There was a door forever closed since the day their life fell apart. Virginia Dare Middle School; where everyone was trying to find closure. Caitlin was now an only child. She was living with just her dad in Virginia. Caitlin has Aspergers Syndrome. She is in the sixth grade roughly moving along. Devon was her big brother. He loved Caitlin and she loved him just as much back. Caitlin sometimes does not get things and is brutally honest but that is just the way she is.
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Their are six main characters. Caitlin, Michael, Dad, Devon, Mrs.Brooks, and Josh. Caitlin is the main character she is a sixth grader with Aspergers Syndrome. Devon is her older brother who was in seventh grade. Mrs. Brooks is the counseler who works with Caitlin at school. Josh is the school bully. Michael is a friend of Caitlin and he is in first grade.

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What is Aspergers Syndrome?

Aspergers is a type of pervasive developmental disorder. Pervasive developmental disorder (also known as PDD) is a group of conditions that involve trouble with social abilities and to communicate. Aspergers is similar to autisim. People with aspergers are better at comminicating than people with autisim. Sometimes people with aspergers speak weirdly.


Closure- Caitlin loses someone whom she was very close to. She loved him and cared for him. He was there for her every time she needed him. Caitlin has Aspergers. She struggles with lots of things. She and her dad need closure.

  • Friendship-Caitlin and her counselor work on friendship. Catlin has a hard time making friends because she has Aspergers. The kids make fun of her, but she does not understand that they are making fun of her.
  • Accepting- When Caitlin is in school the other kids do not accept her. They laugh at her and make fun of her. By the end of the story most people start being her friend.

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