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Lake County Schools & Positive Messaging

Lake County Schools aim to encourage positive thinking and connectivity through positive mental health messaging upon our walls, in our courtyards, in our lessons and through the words that we say.

Cypress Ridge Elementary School Kindness Pledge

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Danielle Miller, Mental Health Liaison at Cypress Ridge Elementary School completes a social -emotional lesson with students through the book Chrysanthemum. She states, "We use paper hearts that we wrinkle throughout the story to help kids think about how their words and actions impact others. This activity promotes kind acts and positive messages. I end the lesson with a “Kindness Pledge” that helps establish a community of kindness."


The “Hawk High Five” was created for school staff to acknowledge students who are making positive gains socially, emotionally, and academically. Teachers have students write their name on the back of the ticket and turn it in to our Hawk High Five Raffle Jar. A drawing is completed every Friday awarding one lucky student $5.

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Lake Hills Promotes A Growth Mindset

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Smiles for Miles at Pine Ridge Elementary

At Pine Ridge Elementary, we are teaching our students (and staff too!) how to regulate their energy levels and emotions in order to be their best selves and ready to learn. Using the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) program combined with the Zones of Regulation social-emotional learning program, we help students learn not only what the expectations are for their behavior, but how they can meet these expectations and why they are important.

We are also excited about our Kindness Rocks program! The students do not know who creates and sprinkles all these beautiful rocks around campus, but they are always so excited to find one. They have the choice to keep it, give it to someone, or put it back out for someone else to find. We’ve got smiles (under masks of course!) for miles here on the “ridge”. J

Gray Middle School Welcomes Students

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Tavares High Sticky Notes for Support & Encouragement

The Tavares High School student leadership team created Positive Support Sticky Notes and then placed them in the school restrooms and around the school. Students report the words of encouragement brighten their day.

Umatilla Middle School Supports Staff Self-Care

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Kuddos to Ms. Tiffany Sheckler, the Mental Health Liaison at Umatilla Middle School, for making Staff Self-Care Kits for Valentine's Day. Included in the kit is a box of positivity cards, candy, water bottle, and a self-care card. 🙂


Seminole Springs Elementary Zones of Regulation

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I conducted a social emotional lesson in their classroom on the Zones of Regulation and from that activity they created this amazing bulletin board. Each student now has a visual reminder of a healthy coping strategy to return to the Green Zone when they start feeling angry, frustrated, sad or out of control.

ERMS Builders’ Club Spreads Positive Messaging

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Clermont Elementary Child Well-Being and Mental Health

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22 SEL Lessons in 1st Grade Classroom in One Month at CLES

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