The Evil Cinderella

By Paige Lee

Paragraph 1

Once upon a time when Cinderella was walking around her wonderful castle, an old lady knocked on the door and said, ”Can I stay for the night?” While she was talking she stared into Cinderella’s eyes and made her evil.

The old lady came in. She turned into a witch!!! She also had a huge MOLE. She slept in Cinderella’s bedroom. While the witch was sleeping, Cinderella was in the woods making a lair. The lair had machines that made smurfs, magical horses, potions and animals like that.

Paragraph 2

"It's morning" said Cinderella to the old lady. The old lady said, "You can call me Nyla". Cinderella still had some goodness in her. So she went to her lair and made a potion that would make her good. She didn't know that Nyla was watching her and and she said, "Cindy what are you doing? " I 'm making a potion so we can make every one under our control." she replied.

Paragraph 3

For the whole day Nyla made a plan that included killing Cinderella and stealing the potion. The next morning Cinderella woke up and saw Nyla with a knife and almost killed her. Then Cinderella drunk the potion and she was good. After that, she walked to the forest and got an army of smurfs and drove Nyla off.She never came back and Cinderella lived happily ever after.
Made in 2012

By Paige Lee :)