Henry Ford by Ariana and Dixie

the amazing henry ford the creator of cars

Background of henry ford

Born in greenfield township, Michigan, On the 30th of July in the year of 1863.He lived on his fathers farm. His mothers name is Mary Litogot Ford and his fathers name is William Ford. His wife's name is Clara Ala Bryant. He only had one kid named Edsel Ford.He wanted to make oil engines. He built a car for only rich people but then he won a race and got 1000 dollars. Then he built a car every one can drive and own.

important invetions

The Model T Car:It was not easy for them but he wanted a car every one could drive. He used an assembly line to create it.It took a long time to make.

Three greatest accomplisments

Model t:We can now drive any where we want.

Airplane company: He flew people in world war 1 to safety.

Hospital fund: He started it because his son died.


Now we have cars that we can drive. And think he effected all of the people in this room.


1.He died from a stoke.

2.He created the steam engine

3.henry said "If they want to elect me let them do so but I wont put a pennies investment" to the president.

4.He wanted to build a car every one can drive.


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