Independence Day in Somalia

Holidays in the Arab World: Somalia

My Somalian Friend

My friend from Somalia is Amiir Cawaale Cabaas. Somalians receive three names, their first name then their fathers name, then their grandfathers name. Amiir is also 16 years (sitta achara sanah) old like myself. Amiir lives in the Capital of the country of Somalia, officially known as the Federal Republic of Somalia, Mogadishu in which he is orphaned. Somalia is located on the east coast of Africa along the Indian Ocean. Mogadishu is located on the southern coast in Somalia bordering the Indian Ocean.

Description of My Friend Amiir

My Friend Amiir is around the same height as me, has dark skin, and short hair. Amiir is also very skinny and occasionally wears glasses. Amiir goes to school and plans on attending The Mogadishu University after he completes his secondary education.
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Personality of Amiir

Amiir is a very kind and likable person. He is very intelligent and hard working. Amiir is fortunate and able to spend a lot of his time doing his school work to complete his secondary education unlike the majority of Somalian children and teenagers. He studies very hard for his exams and receives very good grades. When he is eighteen years (thanaaniya achara sanah) old he plans on attending Tertiary education at Mogadishu University in his city. Amiir wants to become a teacher and improve the education system in Somalia, and prevent young children from working full time, laborious and dangerous jobs. He believes that with improved education the violence in Somalia will decrease, and the quality of life for Somalians will increase.
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Amiir Getting Good Grades on His Tests

Invitation To celebrate The Independence Day of Somalia

I have just received a letter from my good friend Amiir, inviting me to celebrate the Independence Day of Somalia with him. Because Somalia is very dangerous place to travel, Amiir is coming to the United States to stay with his relatives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, who were former Somalian Civil War refugees. Since there is such a large Somalian population in Minneapolis, The Independence Day of Somalia is celebrated greatly.
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Independence Day of Somalia Description

The Independence Day of Somalia celebration occurs on July 1st every year. The Holiday is nationally recognized by the Federal Republic of Somalia. The Independence Day lasts the whole day of July 1st and celebrates Somalia achieving freedom from the colonial powers of Great Britain and Italy, and Somalia coming together to form one nation. Great Britain granted freedom to their colony on June 26th, 1960 and Italy on July 1st, 1960.
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Description of Place

While arriving in Minneapolis, Minnesota I had met up with Amiir. Amiir and I walked down to Lake Street in Minneapolis, where we saw over 30,000 Somalian-American people celebrating the holiday in the street. Many women and young girls were wearing the traditional Islamic Hijab and Dishdasha, but ones that were the same color light blue as the Somalian Flag. Some clothing even had the white star seen on the Somalian flag. Some men wore traditional macawii pants along with light blue shirts and some even with light blue ties representing the Somalian Flag. The street was full of bouncy houses for small children to play in, petting zoos, face painting, blue and white balloons, and other activities for children. Many native animals such as Camels were present, and the streets were full of singing and dancing. Somalian Flags were seen all over being waved by people.

Traditions and Ceremonies of the Holiday

Tens of thousands of Somalian-Americans speak about keeping unity and peace within Somalia. The holiday is also marked by singing, dancing, and parades. Many Somalian-Americans bring traditional Somalian food to eat, and sell traditional Somalian clothing and Jewelry. There are plenty of Activities for small children as well, from bouncy houses and face painting to petting zoo's. Somalian Americans dress in traditional clothes that resemble the colors of the Somalian Flag, and many Somalian-Americans wave their Somalian flags proudly. Amir and I wore traditional light blue macawii pants and were handed Somalian flags. Amiir and I took part in the singing of the Somalian National Anthem and marched in a parade up and down Lake Street. We ate traditional Somalian meals together and rode on Camels.
NuNa Presents: Somali Independence Day Minneapolis

Comparison to American Holiday: Independence Day, The fourth of July

The Independence Day of Somalia is most similar to the fourth of July or Independence Day in the U.S. The Independence Day of Somalia like the Independence Day for the U.S. celebrates breaking of a colony from its colonial power. Both holidays also celebrate the unity of a nation and freedom.

End Of Celebration

After Amiir and I celebrated The Independence Day of Somalia for the whole day of July 1st, the next day we both boarded different planes to go home. Amiir and I are still good Friends and are in close touch.
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