Lucentio (Cambio)

Real Love or Made Up?

Love at First Sight

Lucentio is a rich kid who travels to Padua to top off his education and "see the world." His plans to study and make his family proud are quickly abandoned when he spots Bianca and falls in love with her obedience to her father and her silence. Soon he forgets all about his studies and begins to gush about his burning passion for Bianca. He basically transforms into a giant cliché

Disguising for Love

Lucentio appears to be very crafty as he disguises himself as a tutor, Cambio, and gets into Baptista's house where he has access to Bianca. Bianca and Lucentio eventually fall in love and elope. Game over.

Lucentio Wins, Right?

Bianca turns out to be a "shrew" and Lucentio has absolutely no control over his beautiful, young bride. This costs him his street cred with the fellas and a good chunk of change (he loses the bet about whose wife is the most obedient at the play's end).

Taming of the Shrew Trailer Summer 2012 - Extended Cut