Want to come aboard the Titanic?

by Tiffany Templin

Want to know facts about the Titanic?

The Titanic was built in 1907 to 1912. 2 men started to make plans to build the Titanic. People traveling first class were 44% more likely to survive than other passengers. The Titanic is the most biggest man-made object in the world. More than 100,000 people attended the launching.

Plus more facts!

The Titanic did have 10 decks. The Titanic is was supposed to be non-sinkable. They have 3 classes, all classes are all different the first class is more roomy, the second class you have to share bathrooms and bedrooms with other people, and same with the third class, you have more than 712 passengers in the third class and you have to share 2 tubs with those other 709-712 people.

How much does it cost?

Well I can tell you that. If you want to aboard the 1st class you have to pay $150-$3,500. If you want to come along on the 2nd class, you need to pay approximately $60-$1,375. And last but not least, you should to the 3rd class you got to pay about $350-$900. The first class might be the most expensive but the funnest. You should come aboard the Titanic.

Fun things that you need to know about the Titanic

While they are still designing it they are adding in new features like a Swimming Pool, a gym, Squash Quarts, and Turkish Baths. These are all new features that people have wanted to be put on the Titanic, they are still building them, but by the time you aboard the Titanic they will have them built just for you.