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All School Franklin Academy Update for May 26 - May 29

Intentional Learning Continues!

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Middle School Art Projects!

Rachel Simpson, our middle school art specialist shared this:

"On the day that we gave back to our students their books and study materials, I put together Art Kits for each student with Air-Dry Clay, oil pastels, watercolors, glue sticks, and "I miss you, artists" card, along with their art journals.

During week 6, we made Clay flowers, let them air-dry for 2 weeks, then painted them with watercolors, which was just in time for Mother's Day. The students had fun making and sharing their creation. I just loved seeing each and every unique flower."

Animal Names in Spanish!

First Grade Spanish Animal Names Project from Sra. Smith! Check out the student's work!

Great Work First Graders!

4th Grade Writing

Mrs. Misday’s 4th Grade Class: My 4th Grade students write three "quick writes" a week. I give them a starter and they run with it. We will feature two a week for the next few weeks.


Lucy's Quick Write!

The frigid air stung my face as the icy wind blew my window open. The storms had recently been less occasional since winter had ended and school had started once again. All the kids had started going back to school. The mornings had been rushed ever since the start.

The sun cut through the windows and the curtains fussed and flapped as the morning triumphed it’s return once again.

The sky darkened as night began to crawl over our house setting a black blanket on the whole city, just like the patched up quilt on me.

I staggered over to the faucet, my fingers blindly fumbling with the handle, trying to keep the vomit down. I flung the cabinet door open and clutched the plastic cup. I filled it up with cold water and forced some of the fresh liquid down my thumping throat. My head stopped spinning and I was able to think properly again. I swallowed hard, and took a deep breath.

The snarling pine trees snagged and tangled my hair. The cold, dark wind spat icy rain in my eyes, trying to intimidate me.

Wisps of ragged fog ripped on the lifeless trees, their branches warty and gnarled. The hissing wind breathed it’s dead breath on me, making me grind my teeth. Vivid nightmares crawled up my spine and projected themselves in my memory. Looping again and again in my scared, tired mind were the pushing thoughts about my death, right here.

My numb, inflamed fingers gripped the cold, slippery rock. Directly below me was the mile deep trench, just waiting to swallow me up. From the victim's point of view, a big, smiling grin licked it’s chops and glared menacingly. My muscles ached and my fingers slipped, leaving me to fall, but the rocky edge of the mocking ditch had sharp rocks that fortunately had better grip than the one I was on. Pain shot through my straining veins and tingled into my seized-up body.

Grassy plains stretched as far as the eye could see. Bright, vibrant flowers bloomed across the endless land. My feet took me through the fields as fast as I could go, racing the whispering winds. My smile curved upward and I couldn’t help but grin.


Natalya's Quick Write!

Wisps of fog clung like tattered rags to the trees, and then the forest cleared. But the trees were so thick that the morning sun could barely touch the ground. The helicopter hovered searching for…

ME! I was on an expedition to find the world's greatest jewel!! I had really crossed the remotest deserts searching, but no luck.

I took my friend who was an expert at flying helicopters, so she was here to pick me up. She took me to a new place to try and find the jewel,in a jungle! We found a clear opening in the jungle and landed. Soon I encountered a tiger! But I was not scared… well maybe a little! I was clinging to a vine that hovered over the tiger.

I grabbed my knife and pointed it at the tiger! The tiger jumped up and caught my shoe!!!!!!! But not my ankle! But soon more tigers surrounded me. Then I heard my friend and the helicopter. My friend dropped the rope and I grabbed it and we flew home. I think I am going to take a break from exploring for a day or two.



Potential Kinetic Energy Investigation - 4th Grade Rockin' Ramps!

Mrs. Misday shared:

"Fourth Grade has been working on an Energy Unit, specifically potential and kinetic energy during the last two weeks. Students drew two ramps: one ramp that showed how a car would travel the furthest distance, and one where the car would travel the shortest distance.

Students were to build ramps (from plywood, or cutting boards/cookie sheets and books, anything they had available to them) to test out how the height of the ramp affects how far a toy car will travel.

Questions pondered: How does gravity affect this process? Where does the car have the most potential energy, and when does it change to kinetic energy?"

Great Job 4th Graders!

Anabelle sent in three videos demonstrating her ramps.

This is her third video where she shows us how her wooden ramp works.
4th Grade Potential Kinetic Energy Investigation - Anabelle

Above and beyond - a few extra pictures of at home projects!

What have you done to stay active? Let's explore outdoors!

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Let's Celebrate May Birthdays!

May Staff Birthdays:

Denise Guliemo / Donald Schultz / Rachel Simpson

May Student Birthdays:

Piper C. / Lilly D. / Kais E. / ZZ B. / Nicha S. / Andrew B. / Tobias S. / Avery C. / Rian L. / Cosmo M. / Asher L. / Owen B. / Adelle O. / Carter B. / Braelyn K. / Katie B. / Rutger C. / Luciana H. / Hunter M. / Jack E. / Samantha Z. / Mackenzie L. / Chloe C. / Elizabeth P. / Leandra M.

Springtime Celebrations!

Spring is a time for celebrating! Many of us celebrated Easter last month, but how many of you know what other holidays are being celebrated by our own Franklin Academy families this time of year? Over the next few weeks we will get a glimpse into Passover, Ramadan, Nowruz, and Greek Orthodox Easter celebrations.

One of the great things about our diverse and inclusive school is how much we can learn from each other. We are excited to celebrate the varying religious and cultural identities of all of the families at The Franklin Academy. As we learn about others, our lives are enriched.

Nowruz - A Celebration of New Beginnings

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This holiday marks the first day of the year in Iran.

Sophie Esmail, mother of two students at TFA shares about Nowruz celebrations.

Nowruz, also known as Navroz, is a holiday marking the arrival of Spring and the New Year in Iran as well as the Persian diaspora. Over 300 million people around the world celebrate Nowruz and welcome the New Year with family gatherings, religious and cultural ceremonies, and celebratory meals.

This holiday marks the first day of the year in Iran, which uses the solar calendar and begins with the vernal (spring) equinox. This happens when the sun crosses the celestial equator going north, right around March 20-21 every year. Nowruz’s roots are in the Zoroastrian religion from ancient Persia. It was a feast day marking the arrival of spring as a victory over darkness.

Nowruz is celebrated around the world.

This holiday has evolved from its beginnings in the Zoroastrian religion and is now celebrated throughout the world as both a cultural and religious holiday. It is a public holiday not only in Iran but many other countries from Albania to Tajikistan. It is also celebrated widely in countries such as in Turkey, India and the United States (wherever peoples influenced by Persian or Turkic civilizations reside). UNESCO, the cultural arm of the United Nations, in 2009, listed Nowruz on its Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. UNESCO noted that this holiday “promotes values of peace and solidarity between generations and within families as well as reconciliation and neighborliness.”

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Nowruz (Navroz) is a celebration of new beginnings.

The holiday is symbolized by the physical rejuvenation of life in springtime. It also marks a time of spiritual renewal – remembering the spirit of gratitude with an outlook of hope for the new year.

Many families set up a spread of seven symbolic items they call haft-seen. Haft means “seven” and “seen” is the letter “s” in Farsi. All of the items start with the letter “s” in Farsi. These include seed sprouts, like wheat, (symbolizing rebirth), silverberry or Persian olive (thought to spark love), garlic (protection), apple (fertility), sumac (love), vinegar (patience) and samanu – a pudding (affluence). This table can also hold beautifully painted eggs, the Koran, a mirror, and even poetry.

Navroz Mubarak to all of our Friends at Franklin Academy!

Sophie Esmail
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The Franklin Academy yearbook is student designed and student led. The 2019-2020 yearbook features 44 pages of colorful memories of Preschool to 8th grade students, teachers, staff and activities through March 7th.

Yearbooks will be distributed during the “drive through” events on June 15th and 16th.

Order Online at:

Welcome to "Deep Thoughts with Chaplain Aaron!"

Hello staff and families of Franklin Academy!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! In it, we remember those who have sacrificially helped make our way of life possible. This Memorial Day Weekend feels different. We might usually participate in Ski to Sea activities, BBQs/parties with friends, etc. This year is obviously different, but I hope you will find connection in some way with your different communities.

This week in "Deep Thoughts with Chaplain Aaron," we continue looking at the ways we receive/give love by thinking through the way God loves us. The Discussion Question of the week is, "Where is love seen in your family's faith practice?" And, the Weekly Service Challenge is to show your love for creation is some way (trash clean up, planting something, etc.). Have a great week!


Franklin May 24
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Tips for teaching your children at home by Karen Rabe.

1. Set a Routine: Especially at this uncertain time a routine is something that your children can count on, feeling more secure, safe and calm.

a. Set a time to get up and have breakfast.

b. Get dressed (don't stay in pajamas).

c. Do things like comb hair and make beds.

2. Put up a chart with the schedule for the morning or the day with a space to check off each item when it is completed. Begin the day with something calming and motivating like reading aloud to them from a book with a great story.

Here are a couple ideas for a schedule:

8:30 Math (every day)

9:15 Language Arts

9:45 Break and Snack

10:00 Reading

11:00 Science

11:45 Lunch

12:45 History/Social Studies

1:00 Electives - Music, art, gardening, learning a new game that requires strategic thinking, cooking. Once core curriculum is done, spark passion for learning discovering a new world.

In my experience home schooling my own children, the earlier in the day you get studies done, the better. Leaving it until later reduces the chances of it getting done at all. Also, after the work is done, everyone can relax and not have work hanging over their heads.

3. Work into your schedule a period of time (10 to 15 minutes) where you just carry on a conversation demonstrating how to participate and ask relevant questions. Set a timer and carry on a conversation until the timer goes off. The timer can also work for other activities.

4. Have a designated place to work where everyone can focus.

5. Set weekly goals with each child with daily and weekly rewards for meeting those goals. You can set up a point system for completion of work with rewards based on what each child considers important and fun.

6. Work stretching and exercise into your schedule, structured with skills to learn as well as free play.

7. Daily free time is earned (school work first) for video games, etc.

8. Connect often with friends. Write letters to grandparents.

9. Journal - We are living through an historic event with the global pandemic. Your children can be historians and reporters documenting this time in their lives with reports and pictures.

Have them document what they see and how they feel. What do they understand about what is going on? Go over journals to clarify things. Interview friends and family to see how they are feeling and what they are doing to cope.

10. Make time each week to do something you (parent) are passionate about, your children understanding the importance of this for each member of the family.

Thank you Karen!

A Sample of Fun Learning Videos!

Our wonderful teachers are sending out classwork to their individual classes and many are sharing their talents over YouTube! Enjoy a story, work on a science experiment with Mrs. Ho, art with Mrs. Richcreek, math lessons from Mr. Hedahl, or hone your recorder skills with Mrs. Snyder!
Preschool Teacher Mrs. Owens reads "Big Sharks!"
Mr. Gooey has another at home science experiment for you!
Sra. Smith teaches first graders animal names in Spanish!
When The Saints Go Marching In - a Recorder Lesson with Mrs. Snyder, our Music Specialist.
Mrs. Pickerill our Pre-Kindergarten teacher shows us rainbows made from Skittles candies!
Mrs. Ho and Lucy singing for you!
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  4. Very Important! Please make sure whenever you shop on Amazon you go to the Amazon Smile webpage. If you shop on we won’t receive the donation.

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