Vaneezeh Hassan @ T.O. Financial

QuickBooks Demo


___ June____, 2015


12.30 pm


A demo explaining how to input client's expenses into QuickBooks, using their financial statements (e.g. bank statements).


I have decided to do a demo for this specific task as it is one of the key tasks I complete on a weekly basis, as a result I believe I have become an expert at carrying out this specific task. Also, as an accounting clerk it is essential to ensure that all client financial data is both accurate and up to date. By inputting clients' transactions according to their bank statements, their accounts are able to update and produce a clear financial position for the business, as well as providing insight on how to improve it.

Details of the Activity

  1. Gather client files
  2. Look over all expenses (Dr.)
  3. *Code transactions
  4. Open company's file via QuickBooks
  5. Click on Banking > Write Cheques
  6. Adjust cheque number (e.g. August 2014 statement = stmAug14-1) will auto update
  7. Change Date according to that of first transaction
  8. Change expense account as needed
  9. Repeat steps 6 to 8 until all debit transactions are updated
*Decide which account is affected

Required Materials

  • Computer
  • QuickBooks Software
  • Calculator
  • Company Files

Special Instructions







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