Charemagne was born on April 12, 742 AD and died on January 28, 814 AD. He was the King of Franks in 768, the King of Italy in 774, the first Holy Roman Emperor, and the first emperor in western Europe. Today he is known as the father of Europe for ruling much of western Europe (from 768 to 814). He spent most of his rule at war this made him protector of the papacy.
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Charlemagne was also known as Charles the Great or Charles 1. He conquered the Lombards, the Saxons, and the Avars. He instituted many judicial and ecclesiasical reformes, and promoted commerce and agriculture throughout his empire, which extended from the Ebro to the Elbe. Charlemagne was the ideal mideval king (Tall, stately, and well spoken). He worked hard to make his kingdom an enlightened one for his time. He created the Frankish Empire by expending the Frankish lands with conquests in Germany and Italy.

When he was buried his body was washed, cared to the church, and interred amid the greatest lamenations of all the people. There were some questions at first where to lay him,because in his lifetime he had no true directions as to his burial. He was bured the same day he had died. The incscription on his tomb reads "In this tomb lies the body of charls, the Great and Orthobox Emperpor, who gloriosly extended the kingdom of Franks, and reigned porsperously for forty-seven years. He died at the age of seventy, in the year of our Lord 814, the 7th Induction, on the 28th day of January".

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